8BEATs: Obama in Hip-Hop

we be stuntin' like the executive branch

the day


…or die.

No, thank you, Mr. Barack

You know, it’s great that Obama has held a consistently sensible attitude towards hip-hop culture, but it saddens me that he has distance himself from hip-hop in order not to scare away the support of older, whiter generations.

No Hip-Hop Look for Obama (NYTimes)

Hip-hop for Obama

Props to Jay-Z, P Diddy, Russell Simmons, Kevin Lilles, and Mary J Blige:

Hip-hop stars stump for Obama in South Florida

48: Termanology ft. Bun B: “How We Rock”

Getting ready to rock the vote tomorrow, though I haven’t already declared victory like Termanology..


Lyrical sample: “Term, you already know it’s Obama ’08/Cats in the streets is like, mo’ skama, mo’ weight.”

Obama Hustle

Forget the cha-cha slide, this is the next line dance:
Video here.

Obama-Inspired Black Voters Warm to Politics (NYTimes)

No matter who wins (well, except that it rather does), Obama has already done a world of good in inspiring new communities and demographics to vote – Read more here.

47. T.H.U.G. Angelz: “Apt 7g”

Want to contemplate something really scary on Halloween?


Lyrical sample: “It’s like Osama met Barack Obama and he sold out his honor/For a rocket launcher, I’m like the Loch Ness monster.”

The Crimson Endorsement

Harvard’s student newspaper’s endorsement, very informative, and well worth a read.

46. Pitbull ft. Lil Jon: “Krazy”

One of my favorite beats of the fall. Pitbull rarely disappoints.


Lyrical sample: “Britney with no drama, Alicia with no karma/New York with no flava, the world with no haters/Obama with no color, Hillary with no Bill.”

45. 4Dbling ft. Progress Running: “Bad Dreams”

I can’t believe I’ve never heard of 4Dbling before, but this kid is adorable. He’s a perfect mix of my favorite – but greatly conflicting – genres of hip-hop and emo scene. “Bad Dreams” is a fantastically smooth and skillfully mixed track, with a catchy hook you won’t forget.


Lyrical sample: “I take my bitch on a shopping spree everday of the week/Like oh my god – is that Prada?/Why yes, of course – stayin’ fresh like Obama.”

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