Welcome to AAAS 16

This course examines a range of issues defining major dimensions of the African American experience. These include: race, matters of class, economic status, and poverty, group culture, health and well-being, the family, schooling and education, gender and identity in the African American community. Our objective is to arrive at a deeper sociological analysis and appreciation of the changing life experiences awaiting African Americans.

This course blog invites students to extend their learning outside of the boundaries of the classroom and engage in thoughtful and critical discussions about course readings, lectures, presentations and current events in the media that relate directly to the themes and aims of the course. It is our hope that the class blog will serve as a lively multimedia supplement to our course. We invite students to engage with each other, the professor and the teaching fellow in the classroom and extend the conversations to the blog and back.


Course Head: Dr. Larry Bobo
Teaching Fellow: Khytie Brown


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