Yesterday the New York Times posted an interesting article about research in the field of inactivity studies and the trend of workplaces transitioning to upright workspaces (standing desks), particularly at top tech companies. There has been a steady stream of articles and blog entries about the topic over the last few years. Is it just a fad? What are the implications for productivity and learning (if any)?

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  1. I really think we’ve got to the point where when a company is kitting out a new office, at least if they are buying *new* rather than used furniture, it would make the most sense to just pay a little more for an adjustable sit-stand desk for every employee, and let them choose to use it as they see fit. I could definitely see standing being popular for things like pair programming, or just for those afternoon low-energy times. Agile folks already get this, with their daily stand-ups. 🙂

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