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I am here!

Hi there! Hi, WordPress. Hi, the World. And Hi, Harvard.

First of all, my name is Adam Notodikromo. Actually, that’s my nom de plume, although, really, I have been hoping that to be my real name. But, “what’s in a name?” right? Juliet rhetorically asked Romeo. She argued further, “that which we call a rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet.”

I have a book written under my current-tho-not-legal name. It’s a book about web programming using Rails 6, which I had published in the year COVID-19 was still a fresh thing. It’s still fresh. I used the time otherwise used for commuting, to write a book I hope would be of value to new web engineers interested to learn about Rails. Fortunately, the publisher allowed me to have the book hit the shelf with the name I wanted to be associated the most with.

It seems like, someday, I will have to legally change my name.

Learn Rails 6 at O'Reilly

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