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5 years in a message

It is not that I am a defeatist when I wrote that life is about accumulating pain. There is no denying in that. What we do instead, is to lessen such a pain. We invented medicine, technology, and even cured the meats and add that tomato cheese flavor to that pizza so we can be […]

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What makes you happy? Eating foods? Traveling? Reading books? And what makes you sad? What makes you …in pain? JK Rowling tried to visualize pain in the form of dementor. Absorbing every single piece of peace out of you. I used to think it is weak to talk about our pains. It’s mellow. Emo. Not a […]

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I am here!

Hi there! Hi, WordPress. Hi, the World. And Hi, Harvard. First of all, my name is Adam Notodikromo. Actually, that’s my nom de plume, although, really, I have been hoping that to be my real name. But, “what’s in a name?” right? Juliet rhetorically asked Romeo. She argued further, “that which we call a rose, by […]

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