Blog Post 4

2014-05-05 23.12.25

For my fourth blog entry, I have decided on an unusual medium which is in the form of a comic strip. I intended this comic strip because I had wanted to describe the power of the Ghazul and the uniqueness of it. The different panels all symbolize different couplets to show that each couplet is free standing not relying on the others to make sense. According to the Elizabeth Gray’s “Green Sea of Heaven”, the couplets are intentionally made to stand alone in order to create a sense of ambiguity which in turn serves to make the Ghazul prone to many different interpretations of the relationships that take place within the Ghazul. With this in mind, I created the scenes of Rumi’s Ghazul, “Andak Andak” using the text in a calligraphic art form in order to depict the scenes described by the couplets. The couplets then come together to create the final picture which is symbolized by the comic strip. The story is very ambiguous when a single frame is analyzed by itself, but upon inspection of all the frames we can see that the first frame depicts the first couplet which talks about the drunkards congregating . The people as we can see are holding what seem to be wine glasses congregating . Then the next frame depicts the second couplet which talks about the “heart-cherishers”  coming from the garden, which I had depicted by showing a person walking holding a heart. The following frames each depict a single couplet with their respective meanings attached to the calligraphic text.

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