Other Sponsors

The Criminalization of Conflict Resolution Symposium is also proudly presented by:

  • The Harvard Human Rights Journal

The Harvard Human Rights Journal was founded in 1988 and has since endeavored to be a site for a broad spectrum of scholarship on international and domestic human rights issues. The Journal publishes a range of original scholarly works on human rights issues of contemporary relevance, and in the past has featured pieces on subjects as diverse as refugee asylum law, female prisoner’s rights, rights of child soldiers, oil and the role of the World Bank, detention, rendition, and domestic violence.


  • Harvard Law Student Advocates for Human Rights

Advocates for Human Rights works with the Harvard Human Rights Program to engage Harvard Law students in concrete human rights advocacy projects both domestically and internationally.

Enrollment in the International Human Rights Clinic at Harvard Law School is only available to second and third-year students.  However, as members of the Advocates for Human Rights, first-year students can support and work on clinical projects during their first semester as a member of a project team under the supervision of clinical faculty and clinical students.  Advocates members also work on student-led projects in collaboration with national and international NGOs.  Finally, Advocates for Human Rights hold a number of events and trainings for members throughout the school year including speaker events, peer career and academic advising, direct action projects, and advanced skills workshops.

Advocates for Human Rights is comprised of LLMs, first, second, and third-year Harvard Law School students who are interested in becoming involved in human rights advocacy both domestically and internationally. The organization in particular offers an opportunity for first-year students to gain a practical and meaningful hands-on experience before their first summer internship. Advocates is currently comprised of over 80 members who work on 15 different projects.


  • Harvard Law and International Development Society

The Harvard Law & International Development Society (“LIDS”) is the premier student-run organization at Harvard University focused on issues at the intersection of law, policy and international development.

LIDS was founded in light of the growing recognition that many pressing challenges in international development are legal in nature. For instance, rule of law development, regulatory reform, contract design, litigation of economic and social rights and land titling programs all require a deep understanding of both development practice and the law. We actively promote dialogue on these issues among our members, leading academics, and development practitioners.


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