Notices: Consumer Finance Class Spring Term Offering

For the second time, Professor Peter Tufano of Harvard Business School and Professor Howell Jackson of Harvard Law School will be offering a jointly listed course on consumer finance in Spring 2010. The course will examine a range of consumer financial products, including credit cards, checking accounts, mortgages, insurance policies, mutual funds, 401(k) plans, credit scores and tax preparation services. Course assignments will be evenly divided between business school cases and complementary legal/regulatory materials. To introduce HLS students to business school teaching techniques, Professor Tufano will hold a preliminary session at the beginning of the semester on how to prepare and present an HBS case. Professor Jackson will hold a comparable session for HBS students on reading and analyzing legal opinions. HLS students interested in taking other courses at the Business School may find this course a useful introduction to the business school’s curriculum. C  lass meetings will alternate between HBS and HLS classrooms, and course will end in early April to accommodate the shorter HBS semester. Consumer Finance is open to first year students and can be taken in connection with an HLS clinical placement. The course will not have an exam but students will be asked to write a research paper on a subject related to consumer finance. Papers can be written jointly with the permission of the instructors. If you have any questions about this course, feel free to contact Professor Jackson at  hjackson at or make an appointment through his assistant Carole Mason ( camason at

Jobs: Summer Intern

Learn housing law, interviewing and assessment, trial skills; manage an office; make a difference!  The Tenant Advocacy Project (TAP) has one full-time paid position available for this summer.  Under the supervision of TAP’s clinical instructors, two students will run a fast-paced program representing public housing tenants and applicants at hearings at local housing authorities.  You will find the complete job description in the OPIA job search database:  To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to Betty Blake ( eblake at  While there is no firm application deadline, interviewing will begin soon.

Jobs: Research Assistant

Visiting Professor Jedediah Purdy (Duke) is looking for a research assistant to work in environmental and natural resources law, with a particular focus on the historical development of these areas.  Background in US history, political theory, and/or environmental law is helpful but not necessary.  Please send your resume and a brief statement of why you might be interested in the work to  jedediah.s.purdy at

Jobs: Research Assistant

Professor Kaplow is looking for research assistants, mainly for antitrust. Please send to Molly Eskridge (HA318A,  meskridge at the following information: (1) a letter indicating your relevant background and amount of time available, (2) a resume, and (3) a law school transcript (informal is fine). 1Ls are encouraged to apply. Please substitute/supplement with undergraduate information for item #3.