Critical Issues of the Haiti Humanitarian Response

Michel Gabaudan:
A UNHCR Perspective on the International Response to Haiti

Due to travel delays, Michel Gabaudan will be unable to join us, but we look forward to rescheduling later in the year.

We will still meet and have a great discussion on:

“Critical Issues of the Haiti Humanitarian Response”
Chaired by Prof. Jacqueline Bhabha and introduced by Dr. Gregg Greenough

UNHCR-HAITI Discussants:

“Immediate Health and Public Health Needs of the Haitian Population–the View from a Field Hospital”

Stephanie Rosborough, MD, MPH
Affiliate Faculty,
Harvard Humanitarian Initiative
Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School

“The Vulnerable Population — Findings of the FXB-HHI Child Protection Assessment”

Brett Nelson, MD, MPH
Affiliate Faculty, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative
Co-Director, Program on Children in Conflict and Crisis

“The Evolution of Crowd-sourced Data and Open Platforms for Response”

Patrick Meier, PhD (candidate)
Fellow, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative
Director, Program on Crisis Mapping

This event will still be on Wednesday 10 February at 4:00pm.  We hope to see you there.

Carr Center for Human Rights Policy
Harvard Kennedy School
79 JFK Street
Rubenstein Building
2nd floor – Room 219

Monday Colloquium: Fiasco of Agfhan Democracy

Fiasco of Agfhan Democracy: A UN insider’s perspective

Gerard Russell
State Building & Human Rights
in Afghanistan & Pakistan

General Gerard Russell was a diplomat with the British Foreign Office for 14 years, heading one of its diplomatic missions and two of its largest political teams in Embassies overseas. He worked in Jerusalem, Baghdad and Saudi Arabia. Between 2001 and 2003 he designed and headed up the UK effort to reach out to opinion in the Arab and broader Islamic world, giving 200 interviews in Arabic to the Middle East satellite media. In 2005 he was adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister. From 2007 to 2009 he worked in Afghanistan, latterly as a senior political adviser at the United Nations political mission there. He speaks Arabic and Dari.  His particular focus will be on the future of humanitarian intervention, and religious beliefs in the Middle East and South Asia. He is keeping a blog:

Human Rights: Rhetoric and Reality

The Monday Colloquium for IGA 304

Hosted by Professors Mathias Risse and Rory Stewart

Starr Auditorium
HKS Campus
79 JFK Street
Belfer Building
2nd floor

Harvard Defenders 1L Summer Internships


Harvard Defenders seeks 1Ls interested in criminal defense work for our paid, full-time, ten-week summer program.

This program provides one of the best opportunities available for first-year students who seek a rewarding and challenging experience in criminal defense work.  This is also a great opportunity for students to develop their advocacy skills through significant hands-on learning.

Our summer associates will represent indigent individuals accused of crimes in show-cause hearings before clerk magistrates in the greater Boston area. These preliminary hearings are proceedings held to determine whether there is sufficient cause to issue a criminal complaint.

While it is an asset, prior Defenders experience is not necessary.

TO APPLY: Please submit a resume to Dana Roper at  droper at or Jonathan Tshiamala at  jtshiamala at by Friday, February 19, 2010.  We will contact applicants to schedule interviews.