First Amendment textbook and materials

The textbook for Prof. Parker’s First Amendment class, spring semester, is “The First Amendment”, by Steven H. Shiffrin and Jesse H. Choper, 4th edition, West Publishing (2006).

The supplemental reading packet will be available for pick-up in the copy center (basement of Pound Hall) on Monday, January 10.

I will be emailing and posting here the syllabus on Monday.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any additional information as we move through the semester.

Thank you!

Jane Reader ( jreader at

Journal on Legislation: Call for Student Submissions

The Harvard Journal on legislation invites submissions from HLS students for the student writing section of its upcoming issue.
JOL is the nation’s premier legal journal focused on the analysis of legislation and the legislative process.  Now in its 47th volume, the Journal is published semi-annually, in winter and summer.  For nearly half a century, the Journal on Legislation has provided a forum for scholarship on legislative reform and on the efficiency and effectiveness of legislative decision-making. 

The Journal is especially interested in publishing articles that examine public policy problems of nationwide significance and propose legislation to resolve them.  The Journal would also be interested in reading student notes that analyze existing pieces of legislation.

In order to be considered for the upcoming issue, please email your submission directly to Jonathan Miller at  jmiller at by January 14.