Berkman Center Summer Internships

The Berkman Center is now accepting applications for summer internships!

Information about our program can be found below and can also be found on our website at: and

Each summer The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University swings open the doors of our big yellow house to welcome a group of talented, curious, and energetic full-time interns – Berkterns! – who are passionate about the promise of the Internet and issues related to media and journalism, civic engagement, policy, identity and privacy, education, technology, the developing world, law, and more.

Summer interns jump head first into Berkman research – joining efforts such as our Broadband project, our freedom of expression projects, the Youth and Media Project, Herdict, Cooperation, the Cyberlaw Clinic, the Global Network Initiative, the Digital Media Law Project, Law Lab, and others – where they have an opportunity for deep and substantive involvement in project operation.  Performing topic-based research; drafting and editing blog posts, papers and other written outputs; conducting outreach, developing partnerships, and maintaining relationships; exploring project and research design; and undertaking academic responsibilities of all kinds both independently and collaboratively is part of the Berkman summer intern experience.  Specific tasks and experiences vary depending on interns’ skills and project needs.

In addition to contributing to project based work, summer interns participate in special events and lectures with Berkman faculty and fellows, engage each other through community experiences like the weekly interns discussion hours and group video productions (check out the crew of summer 2010’s amazing chapter-by-chapter Born Digital videos).  In addition, each year Berkterns innovate new opportunities for fun and learning, such as organizing debates, producing podcasts and other media outputs, and hosting book clubs and cookoffs.

The word “awesome” has been thrown around to describe our internships, but don’t take our word for it. Zack McCune, a summer intern from 2008, had this to say: “it has been an enchanting summer working at the berkman center for internet & society.  everyday, i get to hang out with some of the most brilliant people on the planet. we talk, we write (emails), we blog, we laugh, we play rock band. and when things need to get done, we stay late hyped on free coffee and leftover food. it is a distinct honor to be considered a peer among such excellent people. and i am not just talking about the fellows, staff, and faculty, though they are all outstanding. no, i mean my peers as in my fellow interns, who are almost definitely the ripening next generation of changemakers.”

* Internships are open to students enrolled across the spectrum of disciplines;
* Internships are open to students at different levels of academic study including undergraduate, graduate and PhD. programs (some flexibility with high school students might be possible);
* Summer interns do not have to be affiliated with Harvard University;
* Summer interns do not have to be U.S. residents, and international students are welcome to apply.

Commitment to Diversity:
The work and well-being of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University are strengthened profoundly by the diversity of our network and our differences in background, culture, experience, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, and much more. We actively seek and welcome applications from people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, and persons with disabilities, as well as applications from researchers and practitioners from across the spectrum of disciplines and methods.  The roots of this deep commitment are many and, appropriately, diverse.  We are not nearly far enough along in this regard, and we may never be. It is a constant process in which there remains much to learn. We welcome your inquiries, comments and ideas on how we may continue to improve.

Time Commitment:
Summer internship positions are full time (35 hours/week), and the summer program runs from Monday June 6, 2011 – Friday August 12, 2011.

Interns are paid $11.50 an hour.  Many law schools offer funding for students who obtain public interest internships.  We ask that applicants for summer internships apply also for summer public interest funding from their law school to cover their payment (equal to $11.50 an hour, 35 hours a week, for 10 weeks).  Harvard students can find information about Harvard’s program here; students from other schools should consult their home institution’s financial office for information about public interest funding opportunities.

We invite all law students to apply for a Berkman summer internship whether or not you have received public interest funding.

Limited stipending from the Berkman Center may be available, and will be addressed on a case-by-case basis with candidates with whom we are exploring internships.

Free on-campus housing may be available for some interns this summer (details to be determined).  No other benefits are provided, therefore interns must make their own insurance and transportation arrangements.

Nature of Work for Law Students:
Many law students interning with the Berkman Center over the summer work with the Cyberlaw Clinic or the Digital Media Law Project, and legal internships with other projects will also be available.

Depending upon project placement, successful applicants may perform substantive legal research and writing, and may gain experience in a wide range of real-world litigation, client counseling, licensing, advocacy and legislative projects covering a broad spectrum of legal issues involving the Internet, new technology, intellectual property law, youth online safety and child protection.

To Apply:
We know what you’re thinking. Yes please. I want that. That sounds magical. Did I mention I’m really good at Rock Band? Here’s what you should do…

Applications from law students will be accepted through our webform at:

Application materials include:

    * a letter describing your skills and interests;
    * a current version of your resume;
    * a legal writing sample;
    * and the contact information for at least two references (professional or academic).

The application deadline for all students for Summer 2011 is 11:59 p.m., ET on Sunday March 13, 2011.  We will be reviewing law student applications on a rolling basis, and do encourage you to submit application materials as soon as possible.

Research Assistant

Visiting Professor Ring is seeking a research assistant to work on a number of projects involving international tax and international organizations.  Interested students should email Professor Ring with Their resume and transcript at  ringdi at
A background in taxation is not necessary (although it can be helpful).