Publishing Opportunity!

Get Published! The Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics is a nationally recognized, peer-reviewed professional journal and is currently soliciting proposals for short (5-10 pgs.) analyses of recent developments at the intersection of law and medicine.

Proposals should be less than one page and contain: 1) a short biographical statement, 2) your proposed topic, and 3) how that topic relates to the JLME’s subject matter. Please submit proposals to  fshalts at by Monday, January 31st for consideration in the upcoming issue.  The writing process is fast, and the final product will be submitted February 24th. You may propose any topic of your choosing, but below are several recent topics that the editors believe could produce good articles:

1) A new genetic test can test would-be parents for a range of diseases, creating important medical, legal, and ethical questions for our society:

2) There have been several design defect cases since Wyeth v. Levine (US 2009) that have involved inquiries into whether it was negligent for the defendant to have sold the (now-FDA approved) product, in other words, essentially second-guessing the FDA’s approval decision, such as: Wimbush v. Wyeth, 619 F.3d 632 (6th Cir. 2010); Lance v. Wyeth, 4 A.3d 160 (Pa. Super. 2010); Barlett v. Mutual Pharmaceutical Co, 2010 WL 2765358 (D.N.H. July 12, 2010).

3) Discuss the new proposed cigarette packaging showing color pictures of corpses, etc, designed to get at some of the same decision-making processes (impulsive ones focusing on good feelings) that makes people choose to smoke in the first place. (

4)  Stanford v. Roche was granted certiorari, with a question of who gets patent rights under Bayh-Dole depending on 3rd party contracts. The decision has not yet come out, but it could have far reaching consequences. (

5) Presidential Committee on Bioethics’ report on synthetic biology. The report includes some regulatory recommendations and has a more practical focus than the last commission. This field is young and the recommendations somewhat open-ended, so there is much to write about.

Nominations for Green Carpet Awards 2011

Whom would you nominate to walk down Harvard’s Green Carpet?

Every office or School has a green leader- that person who always knows what can and can’t be recycled, reminds you to shut your computer down at the end of the day, and who goes out of their way to make it easier for all of us to reduce our environmental impacts.  This individual also knows how to change the way they work to reduce Harvard’s environmental impacts.  Well, now we have an opportunity to thank and recognize these leaders in our community!

The Harvard Office for Sustainability is pleased to announce the second annual Harvard Green Carpet Awards program targeting the many staff, students, and faculty from across the Schools and units who have made significant contributions to Harvard’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Goal and other sustainability efforts. The Green Carpet Awards will be announced and awarded at a celebratory event in April 2011.

We are seeking nominations for students, staff, and faculty who have helped contribute to our school’s sustainability efforts.

How do I nominate?

Please complete the online nomination form at  by Monday February 28th.

Please note that self-nominations for both Team and Individual Awards are encouraged.

What are the Award Categories?

Individual Achievement Award: These awards will be given to students, staff, and faculty from all Schools and units across the University who have shown outstanding effort in furthering GHG reductions and sustainability at Harvard. Each school will have at least one student and one faculty/staff winner.

Team Project Awards: These seven awards will be given to teams who have shown outstanding effort in the following categories (in depth descriptions are on the website): 

1.      Greenhouse Gas Reduction Project: Infrastructure Project
2.      Greenhouse Gas Reduction Project: Behavior Change/Engagement
3.      Green Team Project
4.      Water or Waste Reduction Project
5.      Green Building Renovation or Construction Project
6.      Renewable Energy Project
7.      Student Project

Please take a moment to nominate your friends, colleauges, or staff today (self-nominations are completely appropriate and encouraged).

Please direct any questions to  sustainability at

Learn more at

Free Yoga class-Fitness Fridays

The Dean of Students Office is bringing free yoga classes back to Pound Hall.  Classes are led by instructor Carla Fontaine. 

Yoga mats are available, first come first serve (up to 15)

Pound Hall 335
12-1:15 p.m.

January 28
February 4
February 11

Open to HLS students only.  Contact Tim Cusack to reserve a spot in any or all of the classes.