Bone Marrow Registration Drive

The Dean of Students Office, in conjunction with the National Marrow Donor Program, is helping to sponsor a bone marrow registration drive here on campus.

If you are interested in becoming a potential bone marrow donor or learning more about what serving as a donor involves, please feel free to come by Pound 332 on either:

Monday, February 14th from 11 am to 2 pm


Tuesday, February 15th from 1-5 pm

Please email  dos at with questions.

Donor screening at registration no longer requires a blood sample/test, just a simple, quick, and safe cheek swab, administered by a National Marrow Donor Program representative.

DOS Trip to Sunday River – Ski, Ride & Tube

The Dean of Students Office is pleased to offer current HLS students the opportunity to ski, ride and tube at Sunday River, February 18th-20th.

Offering 132 Trails on 671 Acres of Skiing and Riding, Sunday River is one of the Premier Ski Resorts in New England.

Sign up will begin today at 2:00pm in Pound Hall 310. Space is limited.

Students are strongly encouraged to sign up in pairs as you will be sharing a room with a classmate.

Reservations are $250 per person and include the following:

Bus Accommodations To and From HLS

2 Nights at the Jordan Grand Resort Hotel (Located Directly on the Mountain)

2 Day Lift Tickets

1 Tubing Ticket

Discounted Lessons & Equipment Rentals

Dinner at the Phoenix Restaurant on the 18th

Dinner at Sliders on the 19th

Payment can be made in person via cash, check (made out to “Harvard Law School”) or credit card (Visa, MasterCard & AMEX).

We will depart HLS at 3pm on Friday, 2/18 and return at 5:30pm on Sunday, 2/20. The time between is to be filled by a memorable trip with classmates. We hope you will join us.

Here are a few links to information on some of the many features of Sunday River:

Hotel Info:

Trail Map:

Current Conditions Report:

Tubing Info:

Spa Info:

It’s time to put all that snow to good use.

Contact the Dean of Students Office with any questions


A message from Dean Cosgrove-Gathering space

We have reserved Pound 201 from 10 am until 4:45 pm today for Greg Tang’s friends and others who are affected by his death and wish to spend time together.  We’ll have refreshments throughout the day so you can stop in to chat with friends of just spend some time by yourself.  We’ll have a campus chaplain there from 12 to 1.

No issue is too big or too small

In Common is the peer counseling group program for the Graduate and Professional Schools students enrolled at Harvard University. In Common is staffed by Harvard graduate students like you who are trained in peer counseling. Call us any time to talk about academic pressures, suicide, relationship issues, life away from home, loneliness, or problems adjusting to graduate student life. Whenever you want to talk, we are here to listen and provide support.

All calls to In Common are strictly confidential and anonymous.
we have no Caller ID.

(617) 384 – TALK(8255)

We operate Sunday – Thursday,
8 pm-midnight (excluding University holidays)

In Common staffers are graduate and professional school students, who have been trained in peer counseling skills. Peer counseling is the use of active listening and problem-solving skills, along with knowledge about human development and psychological health, to counsel peers.

The basic premise behind peer counseling is that people are capable of solving most of their own problems of daily living, if given the opportunity. The peer counselor’s role is not to solve other people’s problems, but rather to assist them in finding their own solutions. Peer counselors do not tell people what they “should” do, nor do they generally give advice; peer counselors generally do not interpret or diagnose. As peer counselors, we are not professionals and we cannot assume that we know what a person is thinking or feeling any better than that person does. Rather, by using active listening and counseling skills, peer counselors helps the counselee clarify thoughts and feelings in order to explore various options and solutions.

It is In Common’s goal to provide the Harvard community with well-trained individuals, who are concerned with alleviating the pressures of competitive academic life and the changes corresponding to it, and who can serve as a peer counseling and reference resource for the dilemmas experienced by graduate and professional students at Harvard.