Course Information and First Assignment – Contracts 7 – Prof. Rakoff

Course Information and First Assignment for Contracts 7 – Professor Todd Rakoff – Fall 2011:  There will be one casebook and one source materials supplement for this course:  (1) Steven J. Burton, “Principles of Contract Law” – Third Edition (2006), and (2) Steven J. Burton & Melvin A. Eisenberg (eds.), “Contract Law: Selected Source Materials” – 2011 Edition.  (They are available at the Law School Coop.)  For our first meeting on Wednesday, August 31, please read pages 1-16 in the casebook and the provisions of the Restatement of Contracts (which can be found in the supplement) that are referred to in those pages.  I would appreciate your not bringing laptops (or comparable electronic devices) to class this semester.

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