Case study Writers Wanted

Professor Heymann would like several students to write case studies (i.e., short accounts of actual events that are adequately detailed to be revealing of an underlying structure) of several significant decisions either by prosecutors or by other government officials.  The case study may satisfy the 3rd year paper requirement, depending on its subject and the depth of the analysis.  If interested, please send a resume and email to Jane Reader ( jreader at in order to schedule a meeting with Professor Heymann.

Professor Donahue Seeks RA’s for Fall and Spring

Professor Donahue is seeking RA’s for a number of projects that involve applying technical computer skills to materials (mostly in Latin) that concern European legal history. A major project, for example, involves paginating for online publication an edition of a court book from a church court in 14th century England. Interested students should send to Jane Reader (HA581,  jreader at the following information: (1) a letter indicating your area(s) of interest, relevant background, and amount of time available, (2) a resume, and (3) a law school transcript (informal is fine). 1Ls are encouraged to apply. Please substitute undergraduate information for item #3.)

Teaching Assistant

Professor Hay needs a teaching assistant for an undergraduate course on Crime and the Constitution, a basic survey including conventional criminal law topics but extending into areas such as the free speech and substantive due process.  Interested students should send an email to Carol Igoe at  cigoe at