Beagle Fellowship at NRDC


History and Purposes
The Beagle/HLS Fellowship at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) provides graduating HLS students and recent alumni with a two-year funded litigation position at NRDC.  The Fellowship has been established by a generous gift to Harvard Law School by the Beagle Foundation that was created by Joy Covey ’89.  The purposes of the Fellowship are to create a two-year job at NRDC for a recent HLS graduate (the “Fellow”); to provide training and supervision for the Fellow; to enhance the Fellow’s lawyering/litigation skills; and to promote the Fellow’s interest in pursuing a career in nonprofit litigation and environmental law.”

“Beagle/HLS Fellowship at NRDC Guidelines”
The Beagle/HLS Fellowship will be awarded to graduating Harvard Law School students,
judicial clerks or recent alumni (up to three years out of law school).  Barring exceptional circumstances, preference will be given to law clerks and third-year students.  Applicants must be available to start work the fall following their application.

Selection Criteria
The Fellows are selected by NRDC and a HLS Committee appointed by Dean Minow. NRDC and the Committee seek Fellows, who have demonstrated an interest in, and commitment to, nonprofit law, especially environmental law, and who demonstrate promise for an outstanding career in nonprofit law.  This interest and commitment may be demonstrated through their prior public service experience, personal essays, recommendations, extracurricular activities, law school course work, academic achievements, and current work plans.

Beagle Fellows for 2012-2014 will be placed in the NRDC in Washington, DC or San
Francisco.  NRDC will try to honor the Fellow’s geographic preference.

Fellowship Awards
The Fellowship award will be the starting salary for a new attorney or fellow at NRDC, according to the NRDC scale.  For the year, 2010-2011, the salary was approximately $50-55K.  NRDC will provide medical benefits for each Fellow equivalent to those provided to other NRDC employees, and will cover overhead expenses.

Application Materials and Procedures:
•    A cover letter which should include a statement about which NRDC office the applicant would prefer to work in and which offices the applicant would consider working in.
•    Resume
•    Law school transcript
•    Writing sample
•    References (three)
•    Two letters of recommendation, preferably including one from an HLS faculty member
•    A personal essay

Applications should be received by the Environmental Law Program, addressed to
Kathy Curley, no later than September 30, 2011. Select applicants will be invited to interview with NRDC and must participate in the interview to be further considered for the Fellowship.
Questions may be directed to Kathy Curley, Environmental Law Program, Hauser
406, at (617) 495-3097 or  curley at  Applications and correspondence should be sent to:
Beagle/HLS Fellowship at NRDC
Environmental Law Program
Harvard Law School
1575 Massachusetts Avenue
Hauser 406
Cambridge, MA  02138

Award Decisions
Applicants will be notified about the outcome of the selection process in October. Each Fellow’s salary will be treated as Low Income Protection Program (HLS’s loan
repayment program).  Each Fellow will be eligible, through HLS, for consideration
for Kaufman and Skirnick supplemental funding.

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