Submissions Call for Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics Recent Case Developments

The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics (a peer-reviewed journal published by The American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics) is seeking submissions for its Recent Case Developments in Health Law section. Pieces should be 8-10 pages long, including endnotes, and preferably will involve a new case or legal development from within the past eight-twelve months. Please send your article to  bjenny at by 5 PM on October 12. You will be notified within a week whether your piece has been selected for publication. JLME utilizes its own (non-Bluebook) citation format, so your draft can have informal footnoting (sufficient to indicate to a reader the location of your sources), and if selected, you will receive instructions about how to conform the citations to JLME requirements. Please contact Brenna Jenny ( bjenny at with any questions.