IASLA Space Law Moot Court Competition

The IASLA Space Law Moot is an international mooting competition organized annually by the International Air and Space Law Association. It has regional rounds held in the Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America. The Competition provides an opportunity for law students to compete against some of the best law schools in the region as well as the added benefits of networking and interacting with teams from other countries.

In order to participate in the IASLA Space Law Moot, all you need is 2 to 4 committed and enthusiastic law students that are interested in expanding their knowledge in international law and gaining international mooting experience. Historically, teams without a background in space law or even a coach have been quite successful in space law mooting competitions.

The North American Regional Rounds will be held from March 29 to April 1, 2012 in New York, where teams will compete to reach the International Finals in Hong Kong on July 5, 2012. For more information, including the moot problem, registration forms, rules, timetables and other resources are available from http://www.spacemoot.org.

The registration deadline for the Competition is Friday, 13 January 2012.

We shall warmly welcome your participation in the North American Regional Rounds of the 2012 IASLA Space Law Moot Court Competition. If you have any queries about participating, please do not hesitate to contact Kristie Blase, our North American Regional Director at  kristie.blase at spacemoot.org.

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