$1500 Yong K. Kim ’95 Memorial Prize: papers due April 27 to EALS

The Yong K. Kim ’95 Memorial Prize was established by the East Asian Legal Studies program in memory of Yong K. Kim A.B.’92, J.D. ’95 through the generosity of his parents, Professor and Mrs. Joe H. Kim, his family, and many friends at and beyond the Law School. A prize of $1,500 is awarded to the student who makes the most significant contribution to the life of the Law School’s East Asian Legal Studies program. That contribution may take several forms. It may entail authorship of a paper concerning the law or legal history of the nations and peoples of East Asia, or legal issues concerning international relations in the region or with the United States. Alternatively, it may entail active and creative participation in EALS and the fostering of understanding at Harvard Law School regarding East Asia and its interaction with the U.S. The prize recipient should also possess Yong Kim’s interest in and enthusiasm for fostering U.S.-East Asian understanding

and plan a career that will further advance these interests. Papers may be written in conjunction with a course or seminar or as an independent study project at the Law School. Papers should be submitted to the East Asian Legal Studies office (Austin 301) by April 27, 2012. For further information, please contact  Professor William Alford. Website:


Alford RA for summer, Chinese language required

Professor Alford wishes to hire a research assistant for the summer. The position would include working with Professor Alford to identify reading materials for a new class offering on China’s role in the international legal order and world affairs more generally, and assisting in research on various projects concerning contemporary Chinese law, modern Chinese legal history, and the legal profession in Asia more generally. Ideally, applicants should have strong Chinese language skills, imagination, and a willingness to work on matters both concrete and abstract. Hours are flexible but would be at least twenty per week. Applicants should submit a CV, a cover letter regarding their experience in conducting research and their attributes for this position, and the names of one of more Harvard faculty members willing to be a reference. Materials should be submitted to Professor Alford (alford) with a copy to Ms. Emma Johnson (johnson) at your earliest convenience and, in any event, no later than March 9.


Important Harvard University Housing Updates

If you currently live in Harvard University Housing, you will receive an email in early March regarding the termination/extension of your lease. Please read it carefully, as it contains important information regarding your lease, and your online response is necessary.

If you would like to live in Harvard University Housing and want to choose from the largest inventory, please submit an application on our web site, www.huhousing.harvard.edu, between March 1 and May 1. Availability is more limited at other times, although applications are accepted year-round.

Apartments with lease start dates of June 4 and earlier will be posted on our Currently Available list from early April on. Apartments with later lease start dates will be rented during the on-line View/Select window period starting in early May.

Here are just a few of the many reasons to consider making your home with Harvard University Housing:

  • We offer a wide variety of properties located near the graduate schools.
  • Heat, hot water, and electricity are included in the rent.
  • No security deposit, application fee, or finder’s fee required.
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Visit www.huhousing.harvard.edu to learn more.

Questions? Send an email to huhousing@harvard.edu.

Enter the First-Ever U.S. Supreme Court Prediction Competition Sponsored by Bloomberg Law and SCOTUSblog for a Chance to Win $5,000

The Supreme Court Prediction Competition sponsored by Bloomberg Law and SCOTUSblog gives you the opportunity to compete against the experts at SCOTUSblog in predicting how United States Supreme Court cases and cert. petitions will be decided!

Teams of law students will use the first-class resources available on Bloomberg Law and SCOTUSblog—including opinions, Supreme Court briefs, justice profiles and statutes—to perform the research to make their predictions for cases and cert. petitions that will be considered by the Court in April 2012.

The winning team receives a minimum cash prize of $2,500. If the winning team also beats the experts at SCOTUSblog, the prize doubles to a total of $5,000.

Registration Deadline: March 2.
Sign up on www.scotuscompetition.com to compete alone or in a team of up to 5 students from your school.

Training Deadline: March 9.
Participants must complete a Bloomberg Law training session designed to show you the content and tools that will be used in this competition. Then, visit www.bloomberglaw.com and www.scotusblog.com to perform your research.

Pick Submission Deadline: April 10.
Submit your picks on www.scotuscompetition.com.

For more information on how to participate and official rules, visit www.scotuscompetition.com.