MIT Energy Ventures Seeking HLS Students — Fall 2012

Want to join the greatest generation of energy entrepreneurs yet at the hub of energy innovation? Apply for Energy Ventures today!

APPLY NOW for MIT’s 15.366: Energy Ventures (Fall 2012)

Thursdays: 5:30 pm – 8 pm

Fridays: 9 am – 10:30 am


Successful companies founded through the class include FastCAP Systems, Altaeros Energies, KWhOURS, Covalent Solar, OsComp Systems, kWattHours, Pellion, XL Hybrids, and CoolChip Technologies.  Energy Ventures teams have performed exceptionally well in business plan competitions after the class has been completed.  Last academic year, teams from the class went on to win the MIT Clean Energy Prize, the Berkeley-Stanford Cleantech Launchpad, and the energy track of the Rice Business Plan Competition.

Energy Ventures is a project- and lecture-based course during which teams of students create a new business in the energy sector. Student teams form during the first three weeks of the class (comprised of engineering, policy, and business students), and work together to write a business plan throughout the remainder of the semester.

Apply ASAP; Applications will be considered on a rolling basis:

1. Send an email with subject heading “Energy Ventures Application” to both of the class TA: Adam Borelli ( aborelli at Submissions with a different subject will not be considered.

2. Include as an attachment to the email (PDF format; please title it “[First initial Last Name] – Background” (e.g. “ABorelli – Background”)):

*prior energy- and/or entrepreneurship-relevant experience
*personal statement of interest (why you want to be in the class)
*any prior activity in the Cambridge energy community

3. Attach your resume or CV (PDF format). Please title is “[First Initial Last Name] – resume” (e.g. “ABorelli – Resume”).

4. **Optional: If you would like to bring a technology to the class (NOT a requirement), include a statement describing:
the technology
stage of development
any current researchers and/or faculty affiliated with the project

Please include this as an attachment to the e-mail in PDF format. Please title it “[First Initial Last name] – Optional” (e.g. “ABorelli – Optional”).

If you’re interested in learning more about the course please feel free to email Jake Levine (HLS ’13) for info:  jlevine at