Research Assistant for Professor Vicki Jackson with winter term credit possible

Student Researcher(s) Needed for Supreme Court Brief: Professor Jackson is seeking student(s) interested in earning winter term credit, which she can arrange, to assist her with research and preparation of an amicus brief on issues of justiciability only, due in mid-January. She has been asked to present arguments to the Supreme Court in Windsor v. United States (12-307), which on the merits concerns the constitutionality of the federal DOMA. In granting certiorari, the Court added two questions concerning its own jurisdiction, on which questions Professor Jackson has been asked to argue against jurisdiction. Specifically, the Court’s order asks her to argue “in support of the positions that the Executive Branch’s agreement with the court below that DOMA is unconstitutional deprives this Court of jurisdiction to decide this case, and that the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group of the United States House of Representatives lacks Article III standing in this case.” Preference will go to applicants who have completed Federal Courts and studied justiciability doctrine. Send your expression of interest and availability (please be very clear on this, as work will be ongoing from now until the brief is filed, around the end of the third week in January), your resume and transcript, and a brief writing sample, to Professor Jackson at  vjackson at and at the same time to her Faculty Assistant, Sylvia Baldwin at  sbaldwin at

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