First Week Reading Assingment for Comparative Constitutional Law 202

Syllabus will be posted next week First week (Jan. 29-30) Introducing Comparative Constitutional Law: Regulation of Reproduction. All Readings in Jackson & Tushnet, Comparative Constitutional Law (2d ed 2006) unless noted. Class 1 Tuesday Jan 29 – Abortion I – The U.S. and Canada: Skim pp. 1-25; read 25-48 (Casey, US decision); 65-74 (Dissent); 74-89, 94-95, 105-07 (Morgentaler, Canadian decision)). (please try to skim the other opinions in Morgentaler, but I have tried to identify those portions I am likely to focus on in class). Class 2 Wednesday Jan. 30 – Abortion II/Reproductive Rights: Broadening the Comparative Lens: Read German decisions, and Tribe-Glendon debate, 110-40; Read Rubio Marin recent post in I.Con on contemporary developments, abortion regulation –…

Administrative Law (Prof. Rakoff/Spring 2013 -Introductory and First Assignment Information

The textbook for the course is Strauss, Rakoff, Farina and Metzger, Gellhorn and Byse’s Administrative Law-Cases and Comments – Eleventh Edition (2011) – and is available now at the Law Coop.   For the first class on Wednesday, January 30, please read pages 2-18 of the textbook. In addition, I would appreciate your not bringing laptops to class this semester.

First Assignment for Law and Social Change Workshop (Sachs and Frug)

The reading assignment for our first meeting, on January 30th, is as follows:

Robert Post and Reva Siegel, Roe Rage: Democratic Constitutionalism and Backlash, 42 Harv. C.R.-C.L. L. Rev. 373 (2007).

Sophia Lee, The Workplace Constitution: Race, Labor, and Conservative Politics from the New Deal to the New Right, chapters 3 and 14 (forthcoming).

The readings are available in the Course Materials section of the course website.

Labor Law – Professor Sachs – Spring 2013 – Book and First Assignment Information

The textbook for this course will be Cox, Bok, Gorman and Finkin, Labor Law: Cases and Materials, Fifteenth Edition (Foundation Press).  It is currently available at the Law School Coop.  In addition, the syllabus and a 2-volume, bound set of Supplemental Materials (Supp.) containing the readings are available in hard copy at the Copy Center as well as posted to the course ISite.

The assignment for the first day of class is as follows:

Steven Henry Lopez, Reorganizing the Rust Belt (2004) [Supp. 1-5];
Vegelahn v. Gunter, 167 Mass. 92 (1896), in Cox, Bok, Gorman and Finkin, Labor Law Cases and Materials – Fifteenth Edition [Textbook 7-15];
Plant v. Woods, 176 Mass. 492 (1900) [Supp. 6-10];
Background Material on the National Labor Relations Act [Textbook 40-52];
J.I. Case Co. v. NLRB, 321 U.S. 332 (1944) [Textbook 315-318].

On the first day of class, I will ask for volunteers to discuss the assigned materials.  After the first day of class, students should be prepared to be called on to discuss the assigned materials, although volunteers and discussion will always be welcome.

Teaching Fellow

Looking for teaching fellow for GOVT-E 1750, a course on international organization, spring semester, starting Jan. 31.  Responsibilities include handling one or two weekly discussion sections (exact number depends on enrolment) and grading undergraduate exams.  Some background in international relations essential.  Please contact Don Babai at  babai at