Prof. V. Jackson – Proportionality Seminar- First Reading Assignment

The first reading assignment is posted on the course website. It is as follows: For our first class, an Introduction to Proportionality from Pragmatic Perspectives in the United States and Canada, please read David Beatty, The Ultimate Rule of Law (Chapter 2, on religious liberty), available at:… David Law, Generic Constitutional Law, 89 Minn L Rev 652, 687-98 (2005). Available at…. Neomi Rao, On the Use and Abuse of Dignity in Constitutional Law, 14 Colum J Eur L 201, 232-38 (2008) Available at:…. Handout, R. v Oakes (Canadian Supreme Court decision) (excerpts), posted on course website Friday January 25, 2013 Handout, R. v Edwards Books and Art (Canadian Supreme Court decision) (excerpts), to be posted on course website either Friday January 25, 2013 or Monday January 31

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