New application deadline: Summer Research Assistant Position for Professor Klarman

Professor Klarman is looking to hire one research assistant to work for him for about 8-10 weeks this summer. This would be a full-time job—roughly 40 hours per week. The pay would be the standard rate at which HLS pays research assistants, which is currently $11.50/hour. The deadline for the application is Feb. 18, 2013. Professor Klarman will make a decision as to whom to hire shortly thereafter. If you are interested in applying for the job, please submit the following materials to Professor Klarman’s assistant Kimberly O’Hagan (not to Professor Klarman directly) at kohagan at a copy of your resume, a very brief statement of any background you have that might be relevant to his hiring decision, and—this is important—the name and email address of someone with whom you have worked closely within the last several years whom Professor Klarman could contact for a reference (his preference would be for a faculty member, either undergraduate or law school, but an employer would also suffice). Should you decide to apply for this job, please be prepared to commit to accepting it if it is offered to you. This is because Professor Klarman don’t want to go through the hiring process more than once. It makes perfect sense that you might not wish to make that commitment, as you may be exploring other summer job possibilities, but if that is the case, please do not apply for this job. Most of the work would be related to a book he hopes to finish this summer—a short, revisionist history of the Founding. Much of the work would be tracking down original sources (e.g., letters from Madison, speeches at the Constitutional Convention or the ratifying conventions), confirming quotations, etc. There might also be some miscellaneous Constitutional Law-related assignments. E.g., read the briefs in Griswold v. Connecticut and write him a memo summarizing the arguments. Professor Klarman thinks (hopes) most of the work would be reasonably interesting. If you are interested in hearing what it is like to work as Professor Klarman’s summer research assistant, please feel free to contact Marco Basile, marco.p.basile at Marco worked for Professor Klarman during summer 2011.

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