Apply For the Litman Summer Fellowship

The Jack T. Litman Fellowship is currently accepting 1L applications for the summer program, which consists of both indigent criminal defense work and a substantive research project with an HLS professor. Fellows will be awarded $1000, in addition to SPIF funding. To apply for a 2013 Fellowship, please submit a cover letter and resume to kwagner at and jmachlin at

Sign Up for Spring Research Classes

The Harvard Law School librarians will be offering several research classes on various topics from February to April. These classes are a great way to get started on a writing project or just develop your legal research skills for work on a journal, in a clinic, at a clerkship or at any new job. Sign up here:… More info on classes here:… 1. HBS Style Company & Industry Research 2. What’s up with Dodd-Frank!? 3. Bankruptcy-Reorganization-Insolvency Research 4. Top 5 Tips for Subciting Sanity 5. LinkedIn Lab 6. Finding and Mining SEC docs (EDGAR filings) for Transactional Work 7. Beyond Legal Research 8. Finding Court Records & Briefs 9. Massachusetts Legal Research 10. Beyond Googling – Other Strategies for Researching People 11. Criminal Justice Research 12. Introduction to Federal Legislative History Research 13. PowerPoint Alternatives 14. Introduction to ADR Research 15. Mobile Apps for Law, Research & Fun 16. Powerful, Professional Presentations