Sign Up for Spring Research Classes

The Harvard Law School librarians will be offering several research classes on various topics from February to April. These classes are a great way to get started on a writing project or just develop your legal research skills for work on a journal, in a clinic, at a clerkship or at any new job. Sign up here:… More info on classes here:… 1. HBS Style Company & Industry Research 2. What’s up with Dodd-Frank!? 3. Bankruptcy-Reorganization-Insolvency Research 4. Top 5 Tips for Subciting Sanity 5. LinkedIn Lab 6. Finding and Mining SEC docs (EDGAR filings) for Transactional Work 7. Beyond Legal Research 8. Finding Court Records & Briefs 9. Massachusetts Legal Research 10. Beyond Googling – Other Strategies for Researching People 11. Criminal Justice Research 12. Introduction to Federal Legislative History Research 13. PowerPoint Alternatives 14. Introduction to ADR Research 15. Mobile Apps for Law, Research & Fun 16. Powerful, Professional Presentations

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