Buy compostable plates, cups, and utensils here!

Planning an on-campus event and looking to make it sustainable? Have an office kitchen and wish less were thrown in the trash? You can order compostable plates, cups, and utensils here: The Office for Sustainability is offering this service at cost, which also happens to be below retail prices. So make sure to place an order today! We provide items for on-campus events (please allow 3 business days to fill) as well as in bulk (please allow 1-2 weeks to fill). And for on campus events, don’t forget to order a compost bin when booking your room in Virtual EMS. Please email  sustainability at and  lwolf at with any questions or to receive a nifty how-to guide on making events compostable.

Apply for a Litman Summer Fellowship

The Jack T. Litman Fellowship is currently accepting 1L applications for the summer program, which consists of both indigent criminal defense work and a substantive research project with an HLS professor. Fellows will be awarded $1000, in addition to SPIF funding. To apply for a 2013 Fellowship, please submit a cover letter and resume to  kwagner at and  jmachlin at