Journal on Legislation–Submit Student Writing Pieces

Harvard’s Journal on Legislation is looking for student-written pieces to feature in its upcoming fall/winter issue. We prefer pieces that interact with a particular concrete bill or statute, or make a detailed legislative proposal. The pieces should relate to bills or statutes that are both significant and current. Submissions are due by TUESDAY, AUGUST 13 to and any questions can be directed to  jtannen at See below for more information. —– What are you looking for? (1) Recent Developments: We’re especially interested in student-written Recent Developments (RDs) on significant recently enacted legislation or a recently introduced legislative proposal. We’ve published RDs as short as eight journal pages and as long as thirty. The motivating audience of RDs (and of the journal as a whole) is members and staff of Congress, so you should write with that audience in mind. We would like to publish RDs that contain both a descriptive element and an argument of some kind. The descriptive section would most likely include a summary of the bill/statute’s major provisions and also something about its legislative history. The argument could be either a policy argument or a legal argument. (2) Notes: Notes are typically longer pieces that focus on a somewhat broader topic, but still address a concrete piece of legislation or make a concrete legislative proposal. Notes often begin their lives as writing projects or papers written for classes or credit.