Research Assistant (China) – Program on International Financial Systems

Professor Hal Scott and the Program on International Financial Systems (PIFS) is seeking a Research Assistant to help prepare for its 10th Annual U.S. China Symposium, scheduled for September 9 – 11, 2013. A Research Assistant with knowledge of Chinese capital markets preferred. To start ASAP. Interested students, please send resume to Whitney Grace at  wgrace at

Brains on Trial

We are hosting an outreach event at MIT’s McGovern Institute on Tuesday September 17th and we’d like to invite both current Harvard Law Students and recent graduates to this event. 

The documentary, “Brains on Trial with Alan Alda,” discusses how insights from neuroscience might one day be used in a criminal court to test things like: lie detection, facial recognition, memory recall, racial bias and much more. For a sneak peak, please check the videos on our promo site:
The event will be part networking, part panel discussion between Alan Alda (our host) and both legal experts and neuroscientists. Scheduled for this event are: Dr. Nancy Kanwisher (MIT), Dr. Robert Desimone (MIT), Dr. Stephen Morse, J.D. (UPENN), and Dr. Joshua Greene (Harvard). We’ll be discussing the use of fMRI for lie detection and why that is problematic, as well as discuss how criminal justice might improve with neuroscience and why the legal community is hesitant to accept evidence currently. The panel will show relevant clips from the broadcast and will have a question and answer period following. 
We would love to open this event to everyone, but due to limited seating for the panel discussion, we’re interested in targeting criminal law students/recent grads who may specifically be also be interested in the following disciplines: neuroscience, psychology, ethics, and philosophy. I was hoping you might be able to help me reach some of those students. Alternatively, if there are any professors in the law school you think would be appropriate to invite, we’d love to reach out to them as well.