Creative Writers’ Group

With the assistance of Rose Moss, and under the auspices of the Law and the Arts Initiative, Professor Janet Halley invites students to join a Creative Writers’ Group in the fall of 2013. We welcome applications from HLS students with prose fiction, memoir and biography projects, who wish to join a weekly group in the Fall Semester, to discuss their works in progress. The group is for J.D. and graduate students in the Law School. Meetings will take place on Thursday, 3-4:30pm through the Fall Semester. Regular attendance will be important. Members of the group will submit work regularly for class discussion. Rose Moss will assign some passages or short stories for participants to read. No direct academic credit is provided for membership in the group, but Janet Halley will offer to provide a 1-credit independent-study supervision to students in the course, and has a list of other faculty also willing to consider such arrangements. To inquire or apply, email a 1-page statement of interest to Rose Moss at  rosermoss at We will admit students on a rolling basis. The first meeting will take place Thursday, September 19 at 3-4:30pm in Hauser 105.

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