Anti-Poverty Research and Practice Group

Professor Fisher seeks five research assistants to work with a newly formed group of faculty and fellows at the Berkman Center in developing and implementing a set of legal and policy strategies for reducing poverty in the developing world. Among the sectors of the work of this group will be: incentives for creating and mechanisms for distributing drugs; the development and dissemination of new seed varieties; and the infrastructures for sanitation and supplies of clean water. Participation in this group will require approximately 10 hours of work per week and attendance at the weekly meetings of the faculty and fellows. Applications and accompanying resumes should be sent to Kathy Curley ( curley at by noon on Wednesday, January 22.

2014 Summer Academic Fellowship

This summer, Harvard Law School will continue its Summer Academic Fellowship Program. The Fellowship is for HLS students interested in pursuing academic careers in law, particularly as law professors. It is designed to give students the opportunity to write and eventually publish a scholarly paper. The fellowship is available only to current HLS JD, LLM, and SJD students (including students graduating in May, 2014). Applications for the Fellowship are due on or before Friday, February 7, 2014. For more information on the application requirements and deadlines, please visit:…