Susan Crawford seeks a research assistant

Visiting Professor Susan Crawford of the Harvard Law School seeks a Research Assistant in Cambridge, MA for a period of one year. This position represents an ideal opportunity for those interested in future policy or law school studies, whether currently admitted or still applying to such programs. Over the course of the year, a motivated individual will sharpen and focus his or her research agenda and make valuable contributions to the field of communications policy, government innovation, and beyond, while being exposed to leaders in academia, industry, and government. A research assistant in this position will work very closely with Professor Susan Crawford, assisting in a variety of research areas, e.g. Internet access, civic innovation, the free flow of information worldwide, and new forms of human collaboration online.

More information about Susan and her work can be found on her site at

This research assistantship requires, primarily, the ability to absorb large amounts of written and other media materials from various sources (including but not restricted to: original sources, scholarly articles, news articles/blogs, interviews, databases) in a short amount of time, critically analyze that material and render it back. This rendering could take the form of prep materials for panels, conferences and presentations; article outlines; fact checking materials; original article or paper drafts; slide decks or other digested forms. Research is largely self-directed with little outside guidance beyond broad outlines and themes (though occasional targeted research assignment for a specific fact or image can be expected), so the ability to quickly critically appraise sources and identify interesting, relevant and original paths is essential.

Wide-ranging interests and the ability to work on almost any issue or topic that arises is a plus. Excellent writing and editorial skills with an attention to detail are also required. Previous formal experience in Internet law or communications law is not required, but a strongly developed interest in the Internet, technology and policy is highly recommended.

This position is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Required education, experience, and skills: * BA/BS preferred * Proven ability to complete independent research * Independent and self-motivated, comfortable working with little outside direction * Excellent critical reading skills: must have the ability to absorb large amounts of material quickly * Wide-ranging interests, able to work enthusiastically on intellectually diverse projects * Previous teaching/TAing experience a plus * Excellent writing and editing skills * Willing to engage intellectually in a non-territorial manner Time commitment during the academic year will be 8-12 hours per week. Continuation into the summer, with additional hours, is a possibility.

To apply: Please email a current CV or resume and a cover letter summarizing your interest and experience to Shannon Walker at  swalker at

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