Teaching Fellow Needed for IGA 516/SOC 180: Law, Science and Society in America

Professor Sheila Jasanoff, Pforzheimer Professor of Science and Technology Studies at the Harvard Kennedy School, is looking for two teaching fellows for her spring class, Law Science and Society in America. The class meets on Monday and Wednesday, 10-11am, with a weekly section to be arranged.

The course description can be found here: http://isites.harvard.edu/icb/icb.do?keyword=k97354&login=yes TFs are required to attend lecture and listen actively. All TFs are responsible for teaching at least one section, holding one office hour per week, and attending weekly TF meetings. TFs will also assist in development of course assignments, section plans, and exams. TFs will grade assignments and the final exam which takes place in early to mid-May.

Applicants should work well as a team and individually to accomplish course goals and prepare materials by specific deadlines. Applicants should also have good communication and public speaking skills in addition to a desire to mentor approximately 15‐18 undergraduate students. Teaching experience is desired, particularly at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Interested students should contact Professor Jasanoff at  sheila_jasanoff at harvard.edu and/or Shana Rabinowich, STS Program Administrator, at  shana_rabinowich at hks.harvard.edu. Compensation will be the standard GSAS salary rate for Teaching Fellows for 2013‐14.

Spring Semester Pro Bono Tax Law Opportunity Representing Low-Income Taxpayers at the Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School

The Legal Services Center (LSC) of Harvard Law School is seeking law students with an interest in tax law to do pro bono work with our Tax Law Project. The Tax Law Project is a new initiative at LSC focused on representing local low-income taxpayers before the IRS. Most cases involve controversies with the IRS relating to the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, dependency exemptions, and similar issues. Some cases also involve collection matters, such as installment agreements and offers in compromise. Under the guidance of an experienced tax attorney, students will likely have opportunities to participate in client interviews, conduct legal research, develop case strategy, engage in evidence gathering, draft advocacy letters to the IRS, and/or draft Tax Court petitions. Students should expect to make a minimum time commitment of two to three hours per week. Some of the work will need to be completed at LSC’s community-based location (the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston), but some work can also be completed remotely from campus. Students can either work with the Tax Law Project during the entirety of the spring semester or for a shorter interval. Interested students—or those with questions—should send an email to dkesinger2013 at clinics.law.harvard.edu. Applicants should briefly describe the basis for their interest in the Tax Law Project and should attach a resume.

Program for Third Year Visits – deadline February 7

The Program for Third Year Visits is available for third year HLS students who desire to study out of residence, at another ABA accredited law school, due to personal hardship or for academic enhancement. In order to participate in this program, you must petition the HLS Administrative Board, through the Dean of Students Office.

For more information on how to apply: http://www.law.harvard.edu/current/student-services/student-life/academic-life/program-for-third-year-visits.html

Berkeley Exchange Program – deadline Friday, February 7

The Berkeley Exchange Program was designed for the purpose of enhancing the educational opportunities available to law students at both Harvard and Berkeley by providing them with exposure to a different faculty and student body. Each year, the program allows up to five Harvard Law School students to spend their third year studying at Berkeley’s Boalt Hall School of Law. In return, up to five students from Berkeley can spend their third year here at Harvard.

HLS students who wish to be considered for the Exchange Program should submit an application to the Administrative Board via the Dean of Students (send email to dos@law.harvard.edu) by Friday, February 7 at 5pm. The application should be in the form of a letter indicating why you wish to participate in the program. Special attention will be given to academic reasons for wishing to go to Berkeley such as a desire to work with a particular faculty member there, or to take courses not available at Harvard. In any event, the application should include a proposed course of study at Berkeley. Courses at Boalt Hall are listed on their website https://www.law.berkeley.edu/161.htm

Additional information can be found at: www.law.harvard.edu/current/student-services/student-life/academic-life/berkeley-exchange-program.html

Any questions about the Program may be raised with the Dean of Students Office.

[Let’s Pretend its Summer Again] : A Musical Fundraiser

We will be tabling every day this week and early next week (up till Tuesday Feb 4th) from 12-2pm under the Hark, stop by and get your ticket! Tickets are only $10 and include a free drink ticket. The Harvard African Law Association would like to invite you to a musical fundraiser – Songs About Love – an indoor picnic featuring some of the best musical talent from across the Harvard campus. This event is in support of HALA’s networking and community service trip to Kenya over Spring break. Bring a picnic basket and join us as we celebrate the electric force that makes the world go round. Come hear from singers and musicians from across the Harvard Campus, and lets pretend its summer again! Milstein East, Harvard Law School Friday, February 7 2014, 8:00 – 10:00 p.m.