Spring Semester Pro Bono Tax Law Opportunity Representing Low-Income Taxpayers at the Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School

The Legal Services Center (LSC) of Harvard Law School is seeking law students with an interest in tax law to do pro bono work with our Tax Law Project. The Tax Law Project is a new initiative at LSC focused on representing local low-income taxpayers before the IRS. Most cases involve controversies with the IRS relating to the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, dependency exemptions, and similar issues. Some cases also involve collection matters, such as installment agreements and offers in compromise. Under the guidance of an experienced tax attorney, students will likely have opportunities to participate in client interviews, conduct legal research, develop case strategy, engage in evidence gathering, draft advocacy letters to the IRS, and/or draft Tax Court petitions. Students should expect to make a minimum time commitment of two to three hours per week. Some of the work will need to be completed at LSC’s community-based location (the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston), but some work can also be completed remotely from campus. Students can either work with the Tax Law Project during the entirety of the spring semester or for a shorter interval. Interested students—or those with questions—should send an email to dkesinger2013 at clinics.law.harvard.edu. Applicants should briefly describe the basis for their interest in the Tax Law Project and should attach a resume.

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