Paid Economics Teaching Fellowship at Harvard

The Harvard Economics Department is accepting applications for Teaching Fellows for Introductory Economics (Ec 10) in 2014-2015. Ec 10 is the largest course at Harvard College, with roughly 700 students taking it each year. While one-third of the sessions are taught by Prof. Greg Mankiw and other guest lecturers in Sanders Theater, most of the sessions (and economic theory) are taught in smaller sections, led by Harvard graduate students. Teaching Fellows put in a total of ~15 hours per week, teach the course to a class of 20-30 eager undergrads, enjoy the exposure to Prof. Mankiw and the guest lecturers, and receive ~$18,000. If you are interested in learning more about the Teaching Fellow position, please attend the info session in the 3rd Floor lounge of the Littauer Building (next to the Science Center) on Wednesday, March 26th, from 6:00 to 7:30pm (pizza will be served). Prof. Mankiw and the head section leader, David Johnson, will be there to speak about the course and answer any questions. Note that applications are due on March 31st. Please contact Micah Stein ( mstein at or David Johnson ( djohnson at with any questions.

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