Harvard African Law Board Elections!

HALA Board Elections As the end of the semester approaches, it’s time for HALA elections for next year’s board! We will be accepting nominations by email until midnight on Tuesday April 1st, and members can self-nominate. We will announce the nominees the following day, and candidates will be able to give candidate statements and members will be able to vote in the following week. All students of Harvard Law School are eligible to apply as HALA does not have a dues paying membership, so definitely get in your application! Below are descriptions for each of the board positions, any questions about the positions or HALA in general can be sent to  hala at mail.law.harvard.edu President & Vice President: The President and Vice President are jointly responsible for designing the year’s theme and actively implementing the mission statement of the Harvard African Law Association (“HALA”). The latter responsibility has two major components– board management and external relations– with an emphasis on ensuring that HALA is continually offering substantive social and cultural events to its membership, in addition to reaching out to incoming and admitted students and LLMs. Treasurer: The treasurer is responsible for the budget and finances of HALA. The treasurer creates an annual HALA budget and is responsible for approving all expenditures for individual events. The treasurer also works closely with the Dean of Students Office to process payment and reimbursements. Secretary: The secretary is responsible for sending weekly newsletters and other email announcements. The secretary also creates and updates HALA calendar. Panel Events Coordinator: Responsible for identifying and selecting speakers for substantive panel events. The panels coordinator will work closely with President/Vice-President to solicit funding and cosponsors for events. Director of Events: Responsible for taking care of the logistics involved in putting on HALA’s substantive, cultural and social events, including signature HALA events such as the Charity Dinner. This may include making room reservations, ordering food, making photocopies, and greeting guests. Conference Chairs (2): Responsible for coordinating with HALA board and conference chairs from other Harvard schools to plan the Harvard African Development Conference, the largest cross-school african conference that takes place every Spring (weekend after spring break). The chairs help to define conference theme and panel descriptions, invite panelists, and apply for funding. Also responsible for taking care of other logistics for conference. Visit www.harvardadc.com to learn about the 2014 Harvard Development Conference. Social chair: Responsible for organizing HALA social events, such as the fall All-Africa party and AIDS charity dinner. The social chair may also be called upon to assist other board members with room reservations and food orders. Fundraising Chair: Responsible for soliciting sponsors for HALA events, which includes drafting letters to firms, corporate, and individual sponsors, and ensuring that letters are approved by HLS Development Office. The fundraising chair should also maintain relationships with existing perennial sponsors such as BarBri. Webmaster/Historian: Responsible for keeping the HALA website aesthetically pleasing, organized, and up to date with upcoming events and announcements. Also responsible for acquiring and uploading pictures of events. Any questions about the positions or HALA in general can be sent to  hala at mail.law.harvard.edu. We look forward to hearing from you all! Eve Kachaje HALA President

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