International Bar Association’s Interview Series in Human Rights

Do you have an interest in media, human rights issues, and international organizations? We might have the perfect opportunity for you! The International Bar Association’s (IBA) Human Rights Committee is looking for an assistant to help prepare an interview series with prominent human rights lawyers and advocates, to highlight the challenges of protecting human rights in the 21st Century. Among the topics we will cover: Human Rights and Education, Human Rights in the Digital Age, Human Rights and Business, Human Rights Monitoring and Civilian Protection in Peacekeeping Operations, Human Rights and Humanitarian Intervention, How to Effectively Advocate Human Rights in Worlds Politics and Diplomacy, Human Rights in Transitional Justice Contexts, Human Rights and Legislation Drafting in Post-Conflict Situations, Human Rights and International Crimes Prosecutions, and Human Rights and Security. 

The interview series comprises of 10 single interviews of 30 minutes each, to be uploaded on the IBA website on our human rights page. Each interview is a one to one conversation between IBA Human Rights Officer Federica D’Alessandra (who is also a Harvard Carr Center for Human Rights Policy Fellow in Transitional Justice) and the interviewee. Ben Ferencz, Dean Minow, Ruti Teitel, Michael Scharf, Simon Adams, and Alberto Mora are but a few of the people we plan to interview. The project is to take place between November 2014 and March 2015. The first interview will be shot on November 6, with former Nuremberg Prosecutor Ben Ferencz. The assistant will help us put together the interview questionnaire for each of the topics above. Research tasks include background research on the interviewee and their work on the subject of the interview, as well as the drafting of potential questions to discuss during the interviews. This will require the RA to look through outstanding legal and policy issues related to each topic, as well as writing a short summary of the history (specifically its history within relevant human rights provisions), development, and open questions that the topic has left. The research represents a great opportunity to get in touch with the International Bar Association, learn how to develop legal interviews questionnaires, meet the interviewees (for the interviews shot on campus), and learn about relevant human rights issues from prominent professionals engaged in the front-lines of their practice.

 If you are interested, please contact ASAP: Federica D’Alessandra, LLM:



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