Public Speaking Class: The Arts of Communication Class at Fletcher

If you are interested in public speaking, the Fletcher school is offering a compelling “Arts of Communication” module (half semester) course. The course meets beginning this week until December 9, Tuesday and Thursdays at 12:30 – 1:45. Many previous HLS students have taken the course and enjoyed it tremendously.

If you are interested, please immediately email Professor Mihir Mankad, Description of the course is below. The Arts of Communication: Today’s leaders must have the ability not only to analyze thoughtfully but also to communicate clearly and persuasively. This full semester course is intended to turn you into a significantly more persuasive and effective public speaker―someone who speaks with the ease, confidence, clarity, and modes of persuasion that are critical in today’s corporate, nonprofit, policy, and diplomacy worlds. We will cover a range of speaking scenarios, from podium speeches on values to simulations of a press conference or media interview on camera.

The course is intended to help you develop your own personal style by deepening your understanding of the persuasive tools, recommendations, refutations, modes of analysis, and variations in audiences that motivate listeners to turn business, policy and diplomacy ideas into action. 

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