Lead your section to green glory as a 1L Green Cup Captain!

Want to lead your section? Represent your section in this year’s 1L Green Cup competition! THE 1L GREEN CUP

Who: You! And your section classmates, following your cues
What: An annual competition in which sections compete through a series of 5 sustainability challenges to accrue the most points
When: November – March Why: You will win not only the magnificent 1L Green Cup trophy (an upcycled sports trophy turned lamp, currently held by last year’s winning section leader, Section 7’s Professor Rakoff) but also $500 towards a zero-waste event to celebrate a job well done, with minimal impact on the planet Will Section 7 hold onto its title? Or will a new champion emerge? Captains from Sections 1 & 5 and the LL.M.s (participating for the first time this year) are already on board.

Make sure your section isn’t left behind! Sign up by contacting sustainability@law.harvard.edu 

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