1Ls – Sign Up for a 30-Minute Mock Interview

Several 30-minute spots remain for this Wednesday’s 1L Mock Interview Program (11/5 in Milstein West). Don’t miss this invaluable opportunity to practice and sharpen your interviewing skills with HLS alumni and other practicing attorneys in a short, low-pressure practice session. The first twenty minutes will be spent participating in the mock interview; during the last ten minutes the interviewer will provide feedback and pointers to enhance your interview skills.

To register, log into the CSM system here: http://bit.do/MIP. Go to the “OCI” tab, then select “2014 Mock Interview Program” from the drop-down menu to book a time.

(Note: While public sector employer spots have mostly filled, several remain with private sector employers. Even if your search this summer is focused on the public sector, there is value in receiving general feedback on your interview style from any attorney.) 

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