Daily student-run meditations in WCC

The HLS Mindfulness Society has recently been restarted and is back in action! Or rather, inaction. Come meditate with us! All are welcome, especially beginners.

Why meditate? Meditation strengthens willpower, focus, memory, and resilience to stress. Justice Breyer spoke about how meditation helps him write the best opinions in the greatest number of cases: “[T]he practice of law is like attempting to drink water from a fire hose. And if you are under stress, meditation – or whatever you choose to call it – helps. [Meditation] makes me feel more peaceful, focused and better able to do my work.” Be pragmatic. Sit with us. Note: students of all religious and jurisprudential backgrounds are welcome.

Email hlsmindfulness@gmail.com for information about our daily meditation sits or to join our listserv.

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