IGLP / VISA Call for Grants

The IGLP at Harvard Law School is pleased to announce a series of competitive research grants as part of its ongoing research project on liquidity in the global economy, financial services regulation in emerging markets and financial inclusion. The research initiative is supported by the generosity of IGLP’s sponsor VISA, Inc. Graduate students, post-doctoral scholars and junior faculty are encouraged to apply. A first set of awards for summer and fall of 2013 will be made on May 1, 2013. The deadline for applications for this round of funding is April 19, 2013. Priority will be given to proposals which aim to generate written work suitable for submission for publication during the summer or autumn of 2013 on the following themes: Public Policy and financial inclusion. Award eligible research may consider: the range of institutional and political choices available for the provision of financial services to the unbanked; the most appropriate regulatory environment and explicit public policies to encourage equitable and effective financial inclusion, the relationship between financial inclusion and social mobility, equality and economic development. We are particularly interested in comparative assessment of alternative regulatory and business strategies for micro-finances, mobile-based banking, informal banking and women-focused delivery models, with reference to their economic, political and ethical implications. Regulation and the structure of financial services in emerging markets. Award eligible research may consider alternative paths to economic development encouraged by alternative regulatory and institutional environments, including such issues as the relationship between formal and informal banking models, “national champions” and state-sponsored enterprises, and the impact of various regulatory models on small and medium sized enterprises, gender equality and poverty reduction. Award recipients who complete their papers prior to October 15, 2013 will be eligible for consideration to present their work at a special IGLP/VISA workshop to be held in early 2014, with travel funded by IGLP and VISA, Inc. We anticipate making both three and six month awards ($5,000-$10,000) for research to be completed during the summer and summer/fall of 2013. Award applicants will also be eligible to submit their completed work for possible publication as an IGLP working paper. Interested students and scholars should provide a c.v., statement of interest, relevant research or professional experience and a short abstract (maximum 750 words) describing the research they intend to carry out. Applications may be made directly by email to  iglp at law.harvard.edu.

John M. Olin Prize in Law & Economics

This is a $1,000 prize for any outstanding student paper applying economic analysis of law to a legal topic. Generally, the prize is awarded in May each year. Students wishing to apply should first have the professor under whom the paper is written email a statement evaluating the paper to Steven Shavell ( shavell at law.harvard.edu). The student should then email the paper to Karl Coleman ( kcoleman at law.harvard.edu) by Wednesday, April 24, 2013.

Annual Williston Negotiation Competition for 1Ls

This Friday, March 15 is the deadline to sign up for the 60th Annual Williston Negotiation Competition!

What is the Williston Competition?  The Williston Competition is Harvard’s annual negotiating exercise for 1Ls hosted by the Harvard Negotiators and the Board of Student Advisers. Teams of two, representing one side in a complex contract negotiation, work with another team of two representing the other side. At the end of the competition, both teams submit a contract and each team submits a private memo to its client.

Why should I participate?  Great experience, cash prizes, and glory! A panel of expert judges will review each contract, so the competition is a unique opportunity to get feedback from professionals in the field. Each year’s winners are also immortalized on a plaque in Langdell Library.

When is it?  This year’s competition will start with a mandatory introductory lunch meeting at noon on Friday, March 29 at WCC 1010. Completed contracts and memos will be due by e-mail at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, April 5.

Who can participate?  All 1Ls can participate. You can sign up with a partner or as an individual to be partnered up with another student. You do not need to have taken the Negotiation Workshop, and many winners in previous years had not taken the course.

How do I sign up?  To participate, you must register individually or as a team (sign up once per team) at http://tinyurl.com/harvardwilliston2013. The deadline to register is this Friday, March 15. Questions? Email  harvardwilliston2013 at gmail.com or check out the competition website at http://www3.law.harvard.edu/orgs/negotia….


YONG K. KIM ’95 MEMORIAL PRIZE This prize was established by the East Asian Legal Studies program in memory of Yong K. Kim A.B. ’92, J.D. ’95 through the generosity of his parents, Professor and Mrs. Joe H. Kim, his family, and many friends at and beyond the Law School. A prize of $1,500 is awarded to the student who makes the most significant contribution to the life of the Law School’s East Asian Legal Studies program. That contribution may take several forms. It may entail authorship of a paper concerning the law or legal history of the nations and peoples of East Asia, or legal issues concerning international relations in the region or with the United States. Alternatively, it may entail active and creative participation in EALS and the fostering of understanding at Harvard Law School regarding East Asia and its interaction with the U.S. The prize recipient should also possess Yong Kim’s interest in and enthusiasm for fostering U.S.-East Asian understanding and plan a career that will further advance these interests. Papers may be written in conjunction with a course or seminar or as an independent study project at the Law School. Papers are due by May 1, 2013 at 5:00 pm along with the required cover sheet (see www.law.harvard.edu). Please submit two hard copies to the East Asian Legal Studies office (Austin 301) and an electronic copy via email to Mike Zaisser at  mzaisser at law.harvard.edu

HLS Library Research Competition

Announcing the 2013 HLS Library Legal Research Competition! Show off your research skills and win great prizes by entering the HLS Research Competition! Get research questions and policies at http://bit.ly/researchcomp12 or pick up a hard copy of questions at the HLS Library Reference Desk (library fourth floor). All Students who enter will be entered into a raffle to win additional prizes! For more information contact Lisa Junghahn, Research Librarian, at  Ljunghahn at law.harvard.edu

Entertainment Law Initiative – Music Law Writing Competition – $5,000 First Prize

Entrants must identify research and write an essay with a proposed solution on a compelling legal issue confronting the music industry, and the length is limited to an accessible 3,000 words. The Initiative has moved its home online information site to Facebook, the link to which is below. Please visit the site for a complete list of rules: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Entert… The submission deadline is 11:00 AM PST, January 3, 2013.

HBLR Student Note Competition

The Harvard Business Law Review  http://www.hblr.org) is accepting submissions for its second annual Student Note Competition. Submissions should be between 6,000 and 12,000 words and should be on a business law topic. Reflecting the diverse interests of HBLR, previous topics have included financial regulation, emerging markets, international business and M&A, energy law, and corporate governance. For an example of a student note, see: http://www.hblr.org/wp-content/uploads/2…. The HBLR will evaluate the submissions, and the winning piece will be published in the spring issue. Interested students should email  hblrnotes at gmail.com for feedback and assistance on developing potential pieces, including adapting prior work done for credit. Final submissions are due to  hblrnotes at gmail.com by Friday, February 8.

Journal of Law and Gender Student Note Competition

The Harvard Journal of Law and Gender invites you to apply for our student note competition. The student note competition is a writing competition open only to HLS students. The winning article will be published in our Summer 2013 volume after going through the Journal’s full editing process. A student note is a law review article written by a student, typically 20-35 pages long. The deadline for submissions is Friday, January 25.

Offers will be made by Tuesday, January 29. Submit your note to  hlsjlg at mail.law.harvard.edu. Be sure to put “2013 STUDENT NOTE COMPETITION” in all caps in the subject line. In the meantime, if you have any questions, contact the JLG Student Writing Committee at harvard.jlg.studentwriting@gmail.com

Announcing the first annual Radcliffe Institute Public Art Competition



Student Registration Open: Radcliffe Institute Public Art Competition


The Radcliffe Institute launches its annual Public Art Competition dedicated to giving Harvard students the opportunity to create new art for the community. The winning student or team of students will receive a $5,000 prize and funding for construction of a public art installation in a prominent new garden space on Brattle Street at the Radcliffe Institute. Simple registration required by November 30.  Submissions due January 30.  Full details available at http://www.radcliffe.harvard.edu/publicart


Moot Court Board: Funding Available

The new Harvard Law School Moot Court Board is currently receiving applications for teams wishing to compete in external moot court competitions. There are many competitions around the world covering a variety of different areas of the law. Currently, the Board sponsors a number of teams, including Jessup (Public International Law), Vis (International Arbitration), WTO Moot (Trade Law), Sports Law, and Foreign Direct Investment (Investor-State Arbitration).The Board will be able to fund registration costs and may be able to subsidize travel expenses.  If you are interested in forming a team and applying for funding, please email Moot Court Board President Michael Jacobson at  mjacobson at jd13.law.harvard.edu with a brief statement of interest.

Trandafir International Business Writing Competition

Topic: Any topic of contemporary international business or economic concern with a legal nexus.

Award: Publication and Cash Prize of $2000

Publication: The winning essay will be published in Transnational Law & Contemporary Problems, a Journal of the University of Iowa College of Law

Rules & Eligibility:  All students currently enrolled in a law or graduate degree program from any institution in the world are eligible. For more information and contest rules, please see: http://www.uiowa.edu/~tlcp/html/trandafi…


All mail entries must be postmarked no later than March, 1 2013

Transnational Law & Contemporary Problems must receive all electronically submitted essays by no later than 5:00 p.m. U.S. Central Standard Time on February 1, 2009. We will not accept late entries.


Electronic Submissions To:

 Trandafir.iowalaw at gmail.com

Mail Submissions To:

Transnational Law and Contemporary Problems

Trandafir International Business Writing Competition

The University of Iowa College of Law, Boyd Law Building 185

University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242-1113, USA



IT-Lex Technology Law Writing Competition

IT-Lex  www.it-lex.org), a not-for-profit charitable organization
dedicated to educational, literary, and scientific advancement
in the field of technology law, is proud to announce its first
Technology Law Writing Competition.
Winners will have their submissions published
in the IT-Lex Journal, and will receive invitations
to become write-on members and part of the
IT-Lex Law Review. Prizes aside, all meritorious
entries will be considered for publication.
For more information on technology law and
the specifi cs of the writing contest, please visit

HLS Moot Court Board Applications

The HLS Moot Court Board is dedicated to supporting external moot court competitions through determining allocation of funding, assisting the teams with administrative needs, and helping to bring coaches and speakers to campus to assist the teams. Moot court competitions are one of the most valuable and prestigious experiences to participate in during law school. Being a Moot Court Board Member is a terrific opportunity to have a meaningful and lasting impact on moot court at the law school and to help build and sustain one of the fastest-growing organizations at HLS. The time commitment is minimal, only a few hours a semester.

If you’d like to apply for a position, please send an email to the Moot Court Board President, Michael Jacobson, at  mjacobson at jd13.law.harvard.edu with:
1. A resume
2. The position(s) you’d like to apply for (open positions are: Vice-President, Treasurer, Marketing Director, and/or Director of Recruiting & 1L Outreach)
3. A statement of interest (less than one page), detailing why you are interested in applying for the Board.

Interviews will be Tuesday October 2. Please sign up for a spot at:


If you have additional questions or if none of the available times work, email  mjacobson at jd13.law.harvard.edu for more information or to arrange for an alternative interview slot.

HLS Jessup Moot Court Team Tryouts

The HLS Jessup International Law Moot Court team will be holding tryouts Monday 10/1 and Tuesday 10/2. To participate, candidates must submit a written application by Friday, 9/28.

Now in its 54th year, the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition is the world’s largest moot court competition, with participants from over 550 law schools in more than 80 countries. The Competition is a simulation of a fictional dispute between countries before the International Court of Justice, the judicial organ of the United Nations. Teams prepare oral and written pleadings arguing both the applicant and respondent positions of the case.

Thousands of law students from around the world will work all year long on this season’s Jessup Problem, which addresses the factual and legal consequences of climate change on statehood, migration, and sovereign lending.

To learn more about the HLS Jessup Team or to receive a copy of the tryout application and materials, please contact Elinathan Ohiomoba at  eohiomoba at jd13.law.harvard.edu.

Compete In The Federal Bar Association Writing Competition

The Federal Bar Association Section on Taxation sponsors an annual writing competition and invites law students to participate.  The Section on Taxation has recently named the annual competition the Donald C. Alexander Tax Law Writing Competition in honor of former IRS Commissioner (1973-1977) Don Alexander, who passed away in 2009.  Mr. Alexander was a widely admired role model and advocate for writing skills and style in the area of tax law throughout his career.

All full-time and part-time law students currently seeking a juris doctor (J.D.) or a master of laws (LL.M.) at an accredited law school are eligible to enter the competition.  Students may submit any original paper concerning federal taxation.  Papers written in connection with a law school course, seminar, or paid employment are eligible provided that they are written in the form of a scholarly article and do not contain any client-specific work product.  Student papers submitted for publication in law reviews or other legal journals are eligible for the competition.  However, student papers that have already been published in a law review or other legal journal, or that have been selected for publication, are not eligible for the competition.  Students must sign the attached Warranty and Authorization to Publish guaranteeing that the paper has not been published or selected for publication as of the date the paper is submitted to this competition and agreeing to permit the Section on Taxation to publish the paper.  Student papers submitted to other competitions are eligible for the Donald C. Alexander Tax Law Writing Competition.  Papers must be a minimum of twenty pages and a maximum of fifty pages (double spaced, twelve-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins) including endnotes (which may be single-spaced).

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2012 Writing Competition Sponsored by the Boston Patent Law Association

Writing Competition

Sponsored by the

Boston Patent Law Association


1st Prize:  $1000

2nd Prize:  $500


The BPLA is once again holding its annual Writing Competition.  Law students are encouraged to submit papers on a subject relating to intellectual property law.  The requirements for eligibility are outlined below.


Judges will consider the merits of the article as a contribution to the knowledge respecting intellectual property law and the extent to which it displays original and creative thought or information not previously published or available.


Contest Rules:


  • Articles must have been written solely by a student or students either in full-time attendance at a law school (day or evening) within the jurisdiction of the First Federal Judiciary Circuit or prepared in connection with a course at a law school situated in the First Circuit.
  • Articles must have been written or published between September 1, 2011 and August 31, 2012.
  • Articles must be submitted to the Boston Patent Law Association on or before September 30, 2012.
  • Papers should be no more than the equivalent of ten (10) law review pages including footnotes (30-40 pages typed copy).
  • Submission of five (5) copies or a .pdf file is required.
  • Submissions must include the submitter’s name, current address, current telephone number, law school, and employment information (if applicable).


Please send articles to:


Rory P. Pheiffer, Esq.

Boston Patent Law Association

c/o Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP
Seaport West
155 Seaport Boulevard
Boston, MA  02210


Phone:   (617) 439-2879

Fax:       (617) 310-9879

Email:     rpp at nutter.com


Please e-mail  bplawriting at bpla.org if you have any questions.

HHRJ Seeking Student Writing for Publication

The Harvard Human Rights Journal is currently accepting student submissions for our 26th Volume! HRJ typically publishes three different types of student writing: student notes (10,000-15,000 words, similar to a full journal article), recent developments (2,500-5,000 word
commentaries on recent court cases or legislative developments), and book reviews (700-1,000 words; check our office bookshelf in the WCC 3rd floor Journals wing or send us an email!). We are on the search for all three types of pieces.

We will accept student writing submissions on a rolling basis until August 10, 2012. HRJ is unique in the diversity of types of pieces it publishes – we cover a vast array of human rights-
related topics, so if you have already written a paper for a class that is related to human rights in any way, send it our way. Of course, we also enthusiastically welcome any piece you’d like to start from scratch!

Please send your submissions to the Student Writing Editors, Madison Condon ( mcondon at jd13.law.harvard.edu) and Connie Sung ( csung at jd14.law.harvard.edu), who are also available to answer questions and work with you throughout the writing process. We look forward to hearing from you!

Apply to be on the 2012 Harvard Foreign Direct Investment Law Moot team!

The International Law Students Association is accepting applications to participate in the Foreign Direct Investment Law Moot, which takes place in Boston in November 2012. E-mail ILSA President Michael Jacobson at mjacobson@jd13.law.harvard.edu with a resume, short writing sample, and a paragraph stating your interest in the competition, as well as any questions you may have about the moot. For more information, see the moot’s website at http://www.fdimoot.org/.

Deadline to sign up for the Williston Negotiation Competition is this Friday, March 23! You must be registered to participate in the competition.


What is the Williston Competition? The annual Williston Negotiation Competition is Harvard’s annual negotiating exercise for 1Ls. Teams of two, representing each side in a contract negotiation, work on a complex, realistic business problem. At the end of the competition, both teams submit a contract and each team also submits a private memo to its client, explaining why the client should agree to the contract.


Why should I participate?

– Experience: Lawyers negotiate as a routine part of their work. Whether they’re negotiating a big M&A transaction, a settlement between a landlord and tenant, or an investigation with the government, negotiating skills are critical. The Williston Competition is a realistic simulation that will let you see what you like and don’t like about negotiation and help you start learning to be a great negotiator!

– Glory: Each year’s winners are immortalized on a plaque in Langdell Library.

– Prizes: Winners also receive cash prizes.


When is it? This year’s competition will start with an introductory meeting at noon on Thursday, March 29th. Completed contracts and memos will be due at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 5th. Teams usually spend as little as 10 and as much as 20 hours over the course of the entire week, and you can make whatever schedule you want.


Who can participate? All 1Ls can participate. All you need is a partner. If you would like to be assigned a partner, you may register as an individual. You do not need to have taken the Negotiation Workshop.


How do I sign up? Simply register (sign up once per team) at .


The deadline to register is Friday, March 23.


Questions? Email HLSWilliston2012@gmail.com