Committee on Pedagogical Improvement- Meeting Summary, 12-1-08

The full Committee on Pedagogical Improvement met for the first time since adding new members on Monday, December 1. The committee is composed of 3 subcommittees: assessment, peer review, and learning spaces. Each subcommittee chair presented what the subcommittee has worked on so far and its goals for the academic year. Below is a compiled list of what was discussed.

Learning Spaces

General Issues On Which to Focus:

  • Access to Power
  • Blackboards vs. Whiteboards
  • Internet Access

Classroom Design Issue

  • Projectors over blackboards
  • Walk through of rooms to figure out what works best (SC rooms)

Goals for the year

  • Document to describe issues with space
  • Prioritized list of short-term vs. long-term goals
  • Statement to get Faculty and students involved

Peer Support

  • Support vs. review aspect
    • Needs to be support to get support (haha) from faculty
  • Peer Support groups consist of 2-3 faculty each, observe class rooms
  • Reports would be written up
    • Should they go into faculty dossiers?
  • Also write-up executive summary about course (as opposed to professor)

Goals for the year

  • Review series of models to choose best way to implement peer support
  • Need recommendation of fundamental principles of PS


  • Expand quantitative assessment beyond CUE
    • Perhaps add another quantitative number that would work w/ CUE
  • Need better way to use the data that we have
  • Concept tests (basic tests to test fundamental knowledge)
    • Grades ≠ learning

Goals for the year

  • Need something to give Mike at end of spring with lots of statistics about how best to implement assessment


January meeting has been cancelled in favor of subcommittee meetings. Next full committee meeting is Feb. 8, 2009.

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