HUDS Advisory Committee- Meeting Summary, 11-19-08

We met Ted Mayer, David Davidson, Rudy Gautschi, Larry Kessel, and Coordinator Theresa McCulla. Mr. Mayer gave us a brief overview of everything HUDS does.
We then brought up Zags’ proposal regarding Brain Break in Annenberg. Mr. Mayer seemed very open to it and said he would contact Eric Engel, the Memorial Hall Building Director, to coordinate the implementation. The biggest issue is Mem. Hall security, even though there hasn’t been a history of problems. Regarding House Brain Breaks, HUDS funds the HoCos to provide Brain Break.
We then discussed the nutritional info. There is a substantial hypersensitivity to nutrition with negative effects on a campus like Harvard’s so HUDS put together a committee to discuss what should be done, consisting of Suzy Nelson, UHS nutritionists, and some others. The committee determined that Harvard’s food system was very different to other campuses because the food plan is essentially mandatory, and there is a unique house system and community. Also unlike the 25% obesity rate nationwide, Harvard’s is substantially less. We then discussed the possibility of adding pictures to the display cards to show what 1 serving of the item looks like.
The Food Literacy Project should be heating up soon so keep a lookout for that.
Regarding the new card reading system, it was done to create a separate ISO number in order to separate personal information and avoid mass notification in case of a breach. The “tap card” proximinity chip cannot currenty be adapted for dining hall purposed, at least not for a few more years. HUDS will soon be recarding the rest of Harvard now that FAS is done. Currently every student really must remember to bring their ID to the meal, unless they care to memorize the 16 digit number. However, it is possible that HUDS can design a program to automatically enter the first 7 digits (because they are all the exact same) and people would just memorize the final 9 digits.

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