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Campus Safety Committee- Meeting Summary


Safety Cards – We discussed the possibility of producing wallet-sized safety cards which will help students access crucial information in emergency situations. These cards could have taxi service numbers, administration hotlines, UHS numbers, as well as the usual emergency contacts (HUPD, 911).

“Playing It Safe” – HUPD would like to emphasize an often under-used resource.  This manual entitled, “Playing It Safe,” is a detailed guide to safety in all aspects of Harvard. HUPD encourages all students to download a copy of the PDF and read it. Here is the link: http://www.hupd.harvard.edu/prevention_h…

Cambridge Commons & Garden Street – First, HUPD recommends always taking Garden Street, and avoiding Cambridge Commons whenever possible, because the street is busier and better lit. When asked about the issue of better lighting in Cambridge Commons, Harvard said that it has had trouble on solving this problem because Cambridge has jurisdiction over the area. Further, the City of Cambridge has “historical commissions” which prevent many alterations to the scenery. This makes the process of installing more street lights and emergency phones legally cumbersome. Nevertheless, Harvard is working with Cambridge to reach a compromise that helps everyone.Also, we have been informed that HUPD will employ 11 new officers straight out of the Police Academy. They will be deployed throughout campus and should make things safer. This, of course, does not mean we should be any less vigilant.

Poor Cell-Phone Reception in the Quad – Many people agree that this poses severe security problems to students in the Quad. Right now, FASIT is considering logistics. The cell-phone issue will be on the agenda for the next Safety committee meeting, and I will keep you posted on it.

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