stanford grad ranks consistenly nr. 1 in 2009

Stanford RFLMAO

In 1996, Stanford officially stated that it didn’t care about college rankings. This year, it changed its stance.

Leland Stanford Junior University, my wonderful school that is certain it is better than everything and everyone else, finally has some claim to its name, consistently beating out almost all other graduate schools in almost every category in U.S. New’s 2009 Top Graduate Schools list. Also, according to Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s international university rankings, Stanford ties this year with Harvard for the first time.

Dominating everything except medical school (in which Stanford placed 8th), Stanford ranked first in more categories than any other school; tying with Harvard and MIT in several categories.

Surprisingly, UPenn’s Wharton School of Business was beaten out this year by both Stanford and Harvard. More surprisingly was Stanford’s top ranking in Education, and Stanford’s second place ranking in law, tied with Harvard, and of course losing to Yale’s only claim to fame. Carnegie Mellon didn’t make out as well this year though, losing to Stanford, MIT, and Berkeley in CS. Stanford and MIT’s 1st place I can understand, but Cal? Really? Carnegie Mellon is definitely up there with the big guys in engineering and CS.

Stanford finally solidly beat its unofficial academic rival in the Princeton Review’s 2009 Rankings, providing the “Best Classroom Experience”, having the some of the “Happiest Students” and giving the 2nd “Best Financial Aide Packages.” Harvard, didn’t make any lists other than the one for endowment. Stanford gladly ignores the dubious source and celebrates its victory over Harvard and the also absent official rival, Berkeley.

Well, congratulations Stanford, and Harvard, I suppose, if rankings really matter.

Harvard now officially doesn’t care about rankings. Once Harvard places first in undergraduate rankings, however, I’m sure stances will flip-flop once again.

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