harvard computing services needs better security to protect students/faculty/staff/affiliates

Harvard Shield

No wonder Zuckerberg had such a simple time illegally setting up the original Facebook on Harvard servers; Harvard doesn’t provide enough security for its students.

As a consultant for Harvard Mathematics, security of my own work and the work of the department in general needs to be protected. Who would have thought that with only a few commands in terminal, could a full student roster name be displayed, complete with contact information. Active users’ IP addresses can be easily found, and attacked through the use of the Harvard servers as drones. “Root” itself is clearly accessible, and with a simple brute force mechanism, can allow for the addition or removal or student/faculty/staff web rights.

To Harvard CIS: Please bulk up security. I don’t want everyone to be able to read my e-mail/access confidential works. It’s in your best interests.

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