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10 reasons grant imahara is alan’s hero


Grant Imahara is my hero because he:

-is the ultimate engineer
-is an alpha Asian, yet fourth generation
-won BattleBots
-can design robots in his head
-is scared of fish
-worked at ILM where he helped with Star Wars, Jurrasic Park, and the Matrix
-designed the arms of the Energizer bunny
-is fun size
-enjoys Legos
-refused to change his hairstyle for his spot on television

10 reasons why kari byron is alan’s hero


Everyone who knows me knows that I’m on an epic search to find the Mythbusters, since all 5 of them are my heroes. Accordingly, I shall begin this leg of my epic journey by featuring each of the Mythbusters, and provide 10 reasons why that Mythbuster is my hero.

I initiate with everyone’s favourite, Kari Byron.


too much olympic happiness


stanford is a brand


Stanford jars
Stanford foam fingerStanford caps

I thought Harvard was bad, but apparently good ol’ Stanford has caught the branding syndrome as well. Above pictures are from the Stanford Bookstore; my recent trip gave me a new look at their updated product line: wheel caps, foodstuff, and big foam fingers.

beijing olympics BSOD; alan says buy a mac


Beijing Olympics blue screen of death--Alan Hshieh

Why does Microsoft always have to go mess everything up? Shown above is the infamous blue screen of death being projected on the inside of the Beijing Olympics’ “Bird’s Nest” during the Opening Ceremony. First Silverlight and then this?

Apple. Think Different. Pay More.

nanairo no ashita 「七色の明日」by BoA…짱!


Inspired by a random spurt of happyness, I decided to indulge myself in my favourite song 「七色の明日」 by BoA. The above is the MV, and hit the jump for lyrics, cd purchase.


iliza shlesinger wins last comic standing


Iliza Shlesinger

One of my favourite comedians, Iliza Shlesinger won Last Comic Standing recently. W00t.

masi oka gives alan autograph, alan decides to give out autographed photos as well


Masi Oka AutographAlan Hshieh Autograph

I met Masi Oka, the talented and ingenius actor who plays Hiro on Heroes, last year at an event (which event I’m not at liberty to say). He was a super awesome person, and I of course asked for his autograph (“for a friend, oh, and, it’d be nice if you could throw one in for me too”).

I received my autographed photos today, a year later, and while they are rather generic, Masi apparently remembered that I know Japanese and wrote his generic message in Japanese for me. Well done.

After receiving this photo, I realised that if Masi Oka could have autographed photo happiness, then I should be able to as well. Accordingly, I present to you the Alan Sien Wei Hshieh autographed photo. Simply send an envelope with postage and a note to my address (look around for it on my professional page) and you could have the above amazing, personalised photo to append to your collection.

iliza shlesinger is going to be in cincinnati


Iliza Shlesinger, the potentially violent, vulgar, and equally awesome comedian is coming to Cincinnati, of all places.

Perhaps the irony of her being in Ohio is her entire act. Anyway, I’m looking forward to her performance!

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