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best buy is evil.


Evil Best Buy

One day, Best Buy and Gamestop will take over the world with their tweaked, high prices. Best Buy workers will allow incompetence to proliferate in the community, and Gamestop will allow trade-ins of small children for 10% of their original worth. Gamestop will then sell the children to families in exchange for badly refurbished ones.

US leads 3G. alan says it’s nothing to brag about.


3G second place

Gizmodo recently published an entry on the US finally overtaking 3G usage in Europe. But what’s the big deal. Why doesn’t the US jump on the 4G boat already? Yeeesh.

city tagging at harvard




誰也沒想、大陸出的 Nintendo Wii盜錄強了吧。先打開時、看了也很可笑、但是想想、中國人是要有很好的電子工程系直覺才可能做出這樣超小的電動機。Vii的裡面就有兩個小東西、一種6×6小型電路板和一塊金屬加重量。



アメリカにいますから日本とアメリカの携帯は日本の方がいいですね。それで、このCMを見て「すごいな。。。」を言いましたね。日本人にはこの携帯がままで機能とデザインはあまりうまくないんです。もちろんアメリカはワンセグ対応と「クィアースクリーンアクション」がありませんよ!でもみんな大好きなBoAさんでこの携帯はとても可愛い、とてもクルですようね。僕はこれがほしいですよね、けだ悲しいことにアメリカと日本のGSM Frequencyは違います。やっているよ!

Toshiba Play-T サイト (日本語)

stephen colbert holds iPhone upside down, alan dissapointed on many levels


Stephen Colbert holds iPhone upside down

On his Tuesday 12. August 2008 show, Stephen Colbert pretended to use his iPhone. Why do I say “pretended”?

Because Colbert holds it upside down; and as such loses all coolness, any chance of getting an iPhone 3G, and my Democratic bid.

unicorn alarm friend is born


unicorn alarm friend

Forgot your alarm clock? Worried that the internet access will go out randomly? Unicorn Alarm Friend by yours truly is here to save the day! Unicorn Alarm friend is a flash-based alarm clock that you can run from your browser, even if the internet goes out during the night.

Go to http://stanford.edu/~nadiafx/unicorn.html to check it out.

web conferencing is a tiring art



I never understood the point of web conferencing. Sure you get to see the other person. Sure you get to see reactions. Sure you get to point at things. But what’s the point about pointing at things in the first place? I always though audio conferencing was just faster and better.

wiimote protection isn’t wii at all


WiiMotion Plus

When Nintendo announced the Wii, we all thought, “pretty system, terrible name.” But due to the idiocy and law-suit loving American public, the Wiimote soon got a nice, gigantic, rubber covering to keep people from continuing to be a danger to themselves.


im addicted to the iPhone Super Monkey Ball


Super Monkey Ball iPhone

I never thought I would purchase an app from iTunes, let alone the AppStore, but alas, I gave in and bought Sega’s 5th-tillioth incarnation of Super Monkey Ball, this time for the iPhone. (I know, I know… a simple SSH hack and I could have had the game for free, but I don’t regret this purchase a bit. And it was only 10 dollars) I am painfully and utterly addicted to Super Monkey Ball for the iPhone.


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