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helix for wiiware makes wii players look even sillier. alan approves.


leipzig fills up with german cosplayers. still inferiour to japanese ones.


German cosplayers

Cosplayers have arrived in Leipzig for the Gamers Convention Leipzig event. But with exception of the above awesome example, the other outfits prove laudable. Perhaps Germans are simply too European and cool to pull off cosplay awesomeness? Or perhaps manga/anime artists really do design their characters to be best suited for Japanese cosplaying. Hit the jump for a German Final Fantasy cosplay vs. Japanese Final Fantasy comparison smackdown.


pink ds phat?? alan is angry.


I am angry. Why? Because upon browing the Nintendogs website, I came upon a set of experience videos with a girl named Brielle in posession of a pink DS. Not the DS lite, mind you, the DS phat–the original SKU.


EA addresses tiger woods video game glitch




誰也沒想、大陸出的 Nintendo Wii盜錄強了吧。先打開時、看了也很可笑、但是想想、中國人是要有很好的電子工程系直覺才可能做出這樣超小的電動機。Vii的裡面就有兩個小東西、一種6×6小型電路板和一塊金屬加重量。

alan begins devil may cry 4


Devil May Cry 4

After finishing up Assassin’s Creed, I needed something else to play. What else to replace a brain-intensive “stealth-kill” game than with a well-tuned, powerful beat-em-up? Devil May Cry 4 is, so far, the true successor to the extremely difficult original, at least gameplay wise. Let’s hope the game stays as good as it is right now.

alan finally completes guitar hero III


Guitar Hero Wii

Give me any music game, DDR, Taiko Drum Master, Samba de Amigo, Beatmania, Space Channel 5, and I’ll work my tail off to become proficient at it. But I will reach my goal.

This was, I thought, the reality, until I met Guitar Hero. I never did terribly, per say, but I never reached a level I could confidently call “mastery” until today. I have finally completed all songs for Guitar Hero III for the Wii on Expert. It’s about time. Yeesh. I blame the awkward smaller than life accessory for my ineptitude.



For today’s dose of random awesomeness, I present to you the Captain★Rainbow these song, full with karaoke sing-along subtitles.

tanya inspires alan to make more video game nerd clothing/accessories/stuff for self


Mario Scarf- Tanya

I thought I was cool because I made National Pi Day shirts.

Whilst browsing the interweb, I came upon a Mario scarf, featured a while back on Joystiq, and then recently re-featured. The scarf is knitted by a “Tanya”, as seen in the image above. I remember clearly when the gamer world went crazy á cause de not only the existence of the scarf, but the existence of a scarf on a female who plays video games, willingly, without coercion.

Anyhow, I want a Mario scarf, too. And not just any Mario scarf, the coolest Mario scarf, l’ever.

Final Fantasy XIII at 「DKΣ3713」


Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIII at 「DKΣ3713」Final Fantasy XIII at 「DKΣ3713」

I recently got a preview of Final Fantasy XIII for the PS3 and Xbox 360 at Square Enix’s “private party” 「DKΣ3713」. The game is looking awesome. Unfortunately, Square Enix is giving the Final Fantasy spin-off possibility too much attention, and I worry about the mass-marketing of the series. If there are Final Fantasy spin-offs everywhere, who will want to play them? Dirge of Cerberus was a huge disappointment, along with most of the FFVII spin-offs. How will these be good? Even Kingdom Hearts is getting three incarnations.

Nevertheless, XIII is looking great. Let’s hope it is.

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